Cover Gray Roots Quickly With Gray Away Magnetic Powder

While 84% of women, 45+, color their hair, according to a recent FabOverFifty poll of 1,100 women, 64% of them do it to cover their gray.

If you’re one of them, chances are, you visit the salon more often than you’d like because your pesky gray roots seem to pop up two days after you have your hair colored.

Fortunately, one of our favorite beauty brands, Gray Away, has recently introduced root touch-up magnetic powder. It’s a snap to apply and beautifully covers your gray roots, so you can extend the time between your salon visits or at-home colorings.

The powder comes in three shades: Black/Dark Brown, Light Brown and Lightest Brown/Medium Blonde. A sponge applicator is included to apply the powder to clean and dry hair. The powder self-adjusts to your particular hair color, and blends in beautifully. The container, with the sponge in its bottom section, is compact and perfect to take when you’re on-the-go. The powder isn’t dusty and will wash out easily when you shampoo. For only $10, it will be your new BFF, and your gray roots’ worst enemy!


FOF’s Beauty Coordinator, Shelley, tried the Black/Dark Brown powder three weeks after her last coloring, quickly and beautifully touching up her gray roots.

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See how Shelley applied the powder to get rid of her gray roots!

“I had no idea this powder would work so well. My hair looks 20 years younger!” Shelley said. Check out this quick video and see how Shelley did it, and how YOU can start covering your gray roots today with Gray Away Magnetic Powder.

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0 Responses to “Cover Gray Roots Quickly With Gray Away Magnetic Powder”

  1. ATXgirl says:

    Where is the product information and price, how to order or where to go to try it??

    OHHHH looking more I did finally find it.

  2. jointle says:

    It contain so much chemicals((((( Are you agree with me??? I think it is too dangerous for me((( Maybe you know any other, more organic, product??? If you know some, pls share with me! I will be very thankful.

  3. Velma Petersen Herrig says:

    There is another brand called “Wow” that I found at Ulta that is also a powder, but uses a brush which has two ends to it – one a large brush and the other end a small brush. It has more color choices. For blond like mine I would recommend the regular blond color rather than “platinum” because with normal hair growth you will usually find that roots are darker. I tried the platinum but felt like my roots still looked gray.


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