What’s REALLY Wrong With Gray Hair?

THIS JUST IN: 84% of women, 45+ , color their hair, reveals an exclusive FabOverFifty.com survey of 500 members of its community. Of these women, 64% color their hair to cover gray roots.dance


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Gray Away ($9.99 for 1.5 oz) is an easy-to-use hair care product that will cover your gray roots in seconds. The spray is available for light brown or dark brown/black hair.

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Thinning Brows Don’t Do Your Face Any Favors (In The Age Department!)

Take a peek in the mirror. You’ll probably be
surprised to see that while you were concentrating on those irritating crow’s feet, your once-beautiful pair of eyebrows isn’t exactly making you look like a
bright, young thing, either.

Well, guess what! Your eyebrows, not your crow’s feet, are adding years to your face. Of course they are! After all, they’re your most defining features, and now that they’re sparser—maybe even coarser and grayer—they’re not doing your face any favors. “Our brows tell others when we’re surprised, happy, sad, or concerned. If they don’t look their best, the only thing they’ll show is our age,” says Eliza Petrescu, owner of Eliza’s Eyes in New York City, who knows how to turn brows into works of art.

Why Brows Count

You may be slathering costly, anti-aging creams, lotions and serums on your wrinkles and lines, but no one even notices them but you. Your eyebrows, however, literally frame your face; if the ‘frame’ doesn’t compliment the picture (YOU!), you’re just not going to look as great as you could. Voluptuous, well-shaped brows are more essential to youthful good looks than injections and skin creams. They’ll open your eyes, making you look alert and sparkling.

Lackluster, thinner eyebrows have a variety of causes, ranging from hormonal changes during menopause; taking certain medications to years of over plucking. Brows naturally thin at the outer edges (by your temples) first. “The tail of the brow is the part that sets off the arch, which makes eyes look youthful and sexy,” Petrescu explains. “Without it, eyes seem droopy and tired.”

Simple Brow-Enhancing Solution

There’s delightful news, however. Unlike costly and time-consuming plastic surgery or injections to erase wrinkles and lines, a brow makeover is quick, inexpensive and truly an anti-aging phenomenon. We’re not talking about often unnatural-looking, permanent makeup (a.k.a. tattooed eyebrows) that was all the rage a couple of decades ago. And brow pencils may come in handy when you want to “fill in” your brows a bit, but don’t use them to play artist and draw on a new set of eyebrows.

We are talking about an eyebrow enhancer like Cute Couple, from eSalon, a conditioning serum that goes right to the root of brittle sparse brows to revitalize and protect them. This daily brush-up, enriched with peptides and natural plant extract, is a beautiful way to bring back beguiling brows that look thicker, fuller, healthier and younger, by up to 25 percent.

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Gray, Gray Go Away!

If your brows aren’t only sparser, but are noticeably grayer and lack the depth of color they once had, you’ve got a couple of really good options. Have them dyed in the salon or at a spa, which usually covers the gray anywhere from two to six weeks. Or you might want to try a temporary color, like eSalon’s Two of a Kind, a perfect complement to the Cute Couple brow enhancer. This gentle, brush-on gel/cream—in five shades—tints, tames and creates shapely, fuller and more vibrant brows without flaking, and can be used every day.

“From afar, your gray or white brows disappear completely, which makes your features look unbalanced,” says Petrescu, who advises using a tinted gel that’s slightly lighter than your non-gray hairs. Even if the hair on your head is silver or gray, she recommends coloring brows light brown. “It creates a frame for your eyes that plays up your features for a more youthful look.”

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{Poll & Giveaway} What Are YOUR Hair Habits?

Our hair seems to have a mind and personality all its own, but with such a profusion of products on the market, how do we know which are all hype versus which can really help bring out the best in our lovely locks?

Everpro, the manufacturer of Gray Away*, wants to know all about our hair habits, so it can produce the perfect products for our unique needs.

Answer this short poll and be entered to win one of 25 bottles of Everpro’s revolutionary temporary root concealer. One grand prize winner will receive $100 and a bottle of Gray Away.


{Tested} Gray Away

When a product comes around with phenomenal FOF reviews, we can’t wait to share them with you. Such was the case with Everpro’s Gray Away ($13 for 1.5 oz), a temporary root concealer. Easy to use on problem areas, the spray works on brown or black hair.*

“Loved the product! Easy application. I normally color my hair at a salon every three weeks, but I was able to extend my appointment out to five weeks! Huge money saver and time saver. I would buy this product for sure,” said FOF Jill.

“I have been looking for just such a product to cover my roots and this one worked great! It sprays exactly where you want it to go and doesn’t look fake or flakey. It looks so natural and completely matched my hair,” said FOF Bethany.


{Test This} Gray Away

Are you sick of new grays popping up between coloring appointments? Gorgeous, gray-free hair can now be yours in a flash, with Everpro’s Gray Away ($13 for 1.5 oz), a temporary root concealer that makes it easy to target problem areas. Gray Away uses “self-adjusting color technology,” which matches the formula to your unique hair, according to the manufacturer. The product is “fast drying, sweat resistant and flake free.” Your color will sustain throughout the day, and the formula “washes out with shampoo.” Gray Away comes in two shades, light brown for medium brown hair, and black/dark brown for black to medium brown hair.*


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{Tested} Coolway Smoothing System

coolwayintro copy
A few months ago, we asked our FOFans who wanted to get rid of the frizz!  They tested The Coolway Smoothing System (retail value: $129.95), and the reviews are in.  See what our testers had to say!

Beauty Secrets From The Bible

As she approached her fifties, Rachelle Weisberger, a long-time painter, cosmetologist and makeup artist, was in Synagogue when a particular line in the Hebrew Bible struck a chord. “And Sarah lived 127 years.” (Genesis 23:1) Fascinated by Sarah’s life and longevity, Rachelle began to investigate.

She spent the next fifteen years studying biblical scriptures, expert commentary, and other ancient texts about the beauty rituals and lives of the women mentioned in the Hebrew Bible. Rachelle’s research resulted in a realization: many timeless lessons about beauty (inner and outer) and aging gracefully could be gleaned from the Bible. “History doesn’t change, human nature hasn’t changed and that is why the Bible is still relevant,” says Rachelle. “These women were very active and involved in their communities well into their elder years and that is why they’re inspirational role models for us.”

Rachelle compiled her research into “Biblical Beauty,” her book which makes the case that “the Bible is a beauty manual like any other.” The chapters in her book each begin with the story of a woman mentioned in the Bible. Each woman’s story inspires a modern beauty lesson. Below, are a few that are specifically relevant to FOFs.


BathshebaSkin Care

Biblical Story: “She [Bathsheba] was typically depicted bathing…with her creamy, porcelain skin…It was during such a moment that King David, Israel’s greatest monarch, first noticed her…David was only thinking of the fate of his soldiers when he glanced down from his perch and saw Bathsheba washing within the walls of an open courtyard. The curves of her naked body shimmering in the moonlight aroused his desire for her.” (Biblical Beauty, p. 5)

Rachelle’s Beauty Lesson: “Today when scientifically advanced skin care products are considered cutting edge, the principles of daily skin care and many ingredients used–from olive oil to honey–are remarkably similar to what a woman like Bathsheba would have incorporated into her beauty regimen. Less can be more. Downsize your beauty routine by choosing a few multifunctional skin care products that are suited to your skin type. Many of these products can be found in health food stores, drugstores and supermarkets.” (Biblical Beauty, p. 9 and p. 12)


DeborahSun Care

Biblical Story: “[Deborah was] a powerful military figure, an important prophet and a judge who settled disputes. When Israelites came to hear her judgements, they met under a palm tree, which became known as ‘the date palm of Deborah.’ It’s possible that the wise choices Deborah made in settling everyday problems extended to protecting her skin as well. Deborah must have realized that the hot, dry Middle Eastern climate could damage her skin, leaving it rough, dry and wrinkled.” (Biblical Beauty, p. 27-28)

Rachelle’s Beauty Lesson: “A hot, sunny day isn’t the only time to be proactive about the sun. Unlike UVB rays, UVA rays are equally potent year-round and at all times of the day. An overcast day isn’t an excuse to let your guard down since 80 percent of the sun’s rays penetrate clouds…If you had to select only one skin care product for your entire beauty routine what would it be? If preventing premature lines, wrinkles and discoloration is important, the answer should be sunscreen.” (Biblical Beauty, p. 31-32)


SarahHealthy Aging

Biblical Story: “Sarah exemplified how someone well into her advanced years could be regarded as a stalwart community and spiritual leader and, at the same time, maintain her extraordinary beauty. Throughout her astonishing lifetime of 127 years, Sarah emanated vitality and natural radiance, along with mental and emotional well-being…At 65, she still attracted influential admirers, including Egypt’s Pharaoh, and, later, the Philistine King of Gerar.” (Biblical Beauty, p. 119-120)

Rachelle’s Beauty Lesson: “In contemporary times, reaching Sarah’s age is not an unrealistic goal. As the number of men and women living 110 years or more grows, these supercentenarians have become an invaluable resources for scientific investigation into longevity…Diet for the health-conscious person represents a gateway to revitalization and longevity–and a way of life. Many scientists believe that foods high in minerals, vitamins, fiber and phytonutrients work synergistically to promote health and lower disease risk…Two powerful antioxidants that have been called anti-aging miracles are resveratrol and quercetin, both found in red wine, which are being investigated for their disease-fighting features.” (Biblical Beauty, p. 119-120)

More beauty secrets can be found in Rachelle’s book, Biblical Beauty ($18.95, paperback, Anbern Press).

Best Hair Products and Shampoos for Women Over 50

By Lois Joy Johnson

I don’t do splurge / steal comparisons of products. In my opinion some pricey picks are stand-alone stars worth every dollar. On the other hand some low-cost items have remarkable quality and performance so why pay more? As a premium generation of cross-shoppers we know mixing high and low is the way to go. Age-related hair issues drive our purchases now. We want easy, fast results and hair that looks healthy, contemporary, thick, natural and sexy. Here are the 10 products not to miss and no, you don’t need all 10!




Lois Joy Johnson is a leading expert on style and beauty and the author of Great Hair After 50: A Vibrant Nation Guide and The Makeup Wakeup, a critically acclaimed guide to looking fabulous at any age. She’s the former Beauty and Fashion Director of MORE magazine. Her newest book, The Wardrobe Wakeup will be available in December 2012.