{Tested} Gray Away

When a product comes around with phenomenal FOF reviews, we can’t wait to share them with you. Such was the case with Everpro’s Gray Away ($13 for 1.5 oz), a temporary root concealer. Easy to use on problem areas, the spray works on brown or black hair.*

“Loved the product! Easy application. I normally color my hair at a salon every three weeks, but I was able to extend my appointment out to five weeks! Huge money saver and time saver. I would buy this product for sure,” said FOF Jill.

“I have been looking for just such a product to cover my roots and this one worked great! It sprays exactly where you want it to go and doesn’t look fake or flakey. It looks so natural and completely matched my hair,” said FOF Bethany.

Gray Away By The Numbers

We averaged the ratings of the 23 testers—check them out!

1. Was this product successful in concealing your gray roots?

2. How well did the pinpoint applicator target the area to which it was applied?

3. How well did it wash out?

4. Do you feel that the product was fast drying?

5. How well did it match your hair color?

6. What are the chances that you would recommend or purchase this product?

7. Please rate this product.

“Thanks for including me in the testing for Gray Away. I will be looking for this product at my local stores in the future. I will be telling everyone that I know about how well it works,” said FOF Sharon.

Ready to try Gray Away for yourself? Get your bottle today!

* This product is not for women with blonde hair.

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  1. Jonelle says:

    My hair is highlighted blonde pretty heavily and I need a temporary brown color for Halloween? Will this wash out pretty easily after a wash or just a couple washes and not ruin my blonde highlights? I’m pretty desperate since brown seems to be the only temporary hairspray costume stores don’t seem to offer. The good news is I’m due for a hair appointment in a couple weeks anyway, but I still don’t want to totally ruin my blonde. Any help is appreciated, thank you!

  2. Marilyn Montague says:

    This is such a phenomenal product that works so easily. Just spray the gray away. I absolutely loved testing this product. I may never color again I am so in love with Gray Away. Thank you FabOverFifty for this amazing experience and opportunity. It was my pleasure.


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