Adore Yourself By Treating Your Skin To The Most Luxe Product On The Market

Based on everything I’ve read coming from the beauty industry. I predict that in the next 30 years beauty scientists will invent a way to keep our skin looking healthier, younger and vibrant for a very, very long time, without plastic surgery.

After all, our skin is an organ, so if a doctor can tell a FOF woman that she “has the heart or lungs of a 35 year old,” why can’t she have the skin, too?  We won’t die from an abundance of wrinkles, crow’s feet or puffy jowls, but it sure wouldn’t hurt if we could eliminate them–or prevent them from showing up in the first place– simply by rubbing a cream on our faces every day!

In the meantime, skincare products are being formulated with more effective ingredients than ever before, and independent luxury manufacturers aren’t skimping on them like the big mass lines, who want to keep their costs as low as possible. The more quality ingredients added to a product, the more costly it becomes. That’s why many skin care products are selling  in the neighborhood of $150 for a 1.7-ounce bottle or jar. That’s a lot cheaper than plastic surgery, but a great deal more than most of the brands on drugstore shelves.

No matter what their lofty marketing claims, drugstore brands do not have the ability to permanently reduce or eliminate our wrinkles.


Now, scientists at a skincare company, Adore Organic Innovation, have discovered that plant stem cells can actually protect human skin stem cells from losing their potency as we age. That’s big news. And the products they’ve created, using plant stem cells, come with big prices. Think $700 for a 1.7 oz jar of facial cream.

I received a set of three products from Adore Cosmetics:

unnamed-3CELLMAX Elite Facial Serum: This contains the highest concentration of plant stem cell formula, as well as a Vitamin C complex to regenerate the skin’s appearance and promote collagen production for increased firmness and elasticity. Other ingredients include jojoba seed oil and Vitamin E, which help minimize fine lines and wrinkles and protects skin from future harm.

Personal Note: I use just a few drops of this daily, after washing my face.  It has a silky, non-greasy texture and a mild, clean scent, and it absorbs easily and quickly into my skin. It makes my skin feel incredibly soft.

unnamed-1CELLMAX Redefining Facial Cream:  Also contains the highest concentration of plant stemcell formula, infused with extracts of chamomile, linden blossom and other all-natural flora to regenerate tone and promote a smoother appearance. A powerful skin-conditioning agent,  called Allantoin, deeply hydrates by binding moisture to dry skin.

Personal Note: I apply the chamomile-scented cream over my face and neck, after using the Elite Facial Serum. It feels light and non-greasy and I can see little golden beads, which look like they came from flowers. My skin looks and feels smooth and soft.

CELLMAX Superior Supplement Facial Thermal Mask: Designed to prepare your skin to absorb the stem-cell infused facial cream and serum, this “magical” mask warms to the touch. unnamed-2Ingredients include extracts of chamomile and linden blossom to promote smooth skin texture. It also contains Vitamin E to rejuvenate the skin’s appearance.

Personal Note: I’ve used the thick mask once a week, leaving it on for the recommended three minutes. It spreads fairly evenly over my wet skin, and I love the warm feeling on my face.  The mask makes my skin look radiant, fresh and clean. Considering the costs of professionally applied masks, it’s worth splurging on this ultra-luxe beauty product!

Before you decide the company has taken leave of its senses by charging such high prices, you can read the article below to learn a little about the science behind its products, including the results of its research. It’s pretty darn interesting.

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The 7 key facts you should know about stem cells and your skin

stem cell
Stem cell science is a pretty complicated, and controversial, subject when it comes to extracting the cells from embryos.  As simply put as possible, here are the critical (and fascinating) facts:
1. Stem cells are biological cells found in all multicellular organisms, including all plants and animals.

2. Two key features distinguish stem cells from ordinary cells: 1.) They can become a wide range of specialized cells of the same tissue (called differentiated cells) and 2.) They have the remarkable ability to replace themselves through cell division during a person’s entire lifetime.

3. Adult stems cells, versus those from an embryo, supply all the necessary cells for renewal and repair of organs and tissue, including skin. This makes them especially valuable and important in regenerative skin care research.  That’s why a patient with severe burns can have new skin grafted onto her face, let’s say, from other parts of her body.

4. Epidermal stem cells are located in the innermost layer of the epidermis, called the basal layer, and every second to seventh cell in this layer is a stem cell. Their job is to constantly renew and rejuvenate the skin by forming new skin cells and regenerating damaged tissue.

5. The epidermis fully renews itself approximately every four weeks when we’re young, but this process continuously slows as we age, and the number of skin stem cells decreases and their vitality diminishes. Smoking, alcohol and excessive UV exposure dramatically aggravate these effects, creating thinner, more deeply wrinkled skin.

6. The hydrolipid film, which continually coats the skin with a water/oil emulsion, also decreases, leaving the skin drier and less well protected.

7. While our wondrous stem cells can replace themselves, they cannot generate additional epidermal stem cells. Each of us is born with all the skin stem cells we will ever have. So it’s super critical for us to maintain the vitality of these valuable cells as long as possible.

Here’s where plant stem cells enter the picture

orangeEvery plant has stem cells, like we do. Some organic fruit stem cells, as a matter of fact, act similarly to human skin stem cells. But unlike ours, every plant cell has the potential to turn back into a stem cell and grow into an entirely new plant. If a plant is wounded, it forms something called callus tissue, in which normal cells become stem cells, which then act to heal the wound. This is common in plants but not possible in humans.

Researchers have long been interested in plants’ ability to heal themselves via callus tissue, and even more so, certain plants’ remarkable abilities to stay fresh long after being harvested and to protect themselves from prolonged exposure to UV rays that are harmful to living tissue. Scientists questioned whether these potent plant stem cells could be used to protect human skin cells from aging.

They discovered the answer is yes.

How plant stem cells benefit your skin

When the scientists applied an extract of organic plant cells to ethically collected human skin stem cells and exposed the sample to UV light, the skin cells experienced only a small loss of vitality, while half of those with no extract died. Human skin cells also were tested for premature aging, as a result of cellular DNA damage. While those cells incubated with the extract of organic plant cells neutralized the negative effects and increased their growth rate, the ones without extract experienced a decrease in cellular growth.

c_plantThe new luxury skin care line, from Adore Organic Innovation, features an exclusive plant stem cell formula that is said to give human skin stem cells the ability to renew themselves and slow down the aging process.

Offering the highest concentration of plant stem cell formula available in beauty products today, combined with a rich blend of vitamins, essential oils, organic flower extracts and organic vegetable proteins, the Adore line triggers rejuvenation of the skin, delays the natural aging process by maintaining skin stem cell activity, reduces wrinkles, and protects against UV damage. “Your skin appears young and beautiful longer,” said a company spokeswoman.

Adore Organic Innovation evaluated the anti-wrinkle effect of its plant stem cell formula in a study with 20 volunteers, aged from 37 to 64.  The volunteers applied an emulsion containing 2 percent of its formula twice daily for 28 days to the crow’s feet areas of their eyes.  All volunteers showed a decrease in wrinkle depth, and some had as much as a 15 percent decrease after the month.


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