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We often overlook the mirror as a beauty routine essential, yet, we can’t stop looking at it, while we apply our makeup, fix our hair and get dressed, every day (and for some of us–multiple times a day). Bruce Grieve, President and Chief Executive of Jerdon Style, one of the leading cosmetic mirror manufacturers (they outfit many of the world’s top hotels, resorts and cruise lines) is championing to get the mirror the recognition it deserves. “Women reportedly spend about $100 per month on cosmetics,” says Bruce. “It only makes sense to get the right kind of mirror that let’s you see what you’re applying and whether or not it’s delivering the benefits you’re seeking.”

In fact, it makes perfect sense since as we get older, our vision for details isn’t what it used to be and the proper mirror becomes even more vital to looking our best. Here, Bruce shares his secrets for selecting the mirror that will best reflect your lifestyle and ensure you leave the house FOFlawless!


1. Choose the “right” magnification:
“Jerdon mirrors range from no magnification to 15X and everything in between. Magnification is a personal preference, depending on how closely you want to see things.” says Bruce. “As you would expect, the higher the magnification, the closer the view. The most popular magnification is around 8x or 5x but that’s only a guideline. Again, it’s best to pick a level that accommodates your desire for detail and how well you see without corrective lenses. Something many people do not realize is that magnification can help those who typically wear glasses or contacts. By simply picking the right level of magnification, you can get a clear view without trying to apply makeup around your eyewear or putting in contact lenses.”


2. Check your light source:
“You wouldn’t paint a room with the lights off,” says Bruce. “So why would you make up your face with less than ideal lighting? If you are doing your makeup in a room that doesn’t have good natural light, lighted magnification mirrors can add extra brightness. With lighted mirrors, there are several types to choose from: halo lights (which surround the entire mirrored surface) or mirrors with bulbs mounted along the sides. If you want a lighted mirror, the lighting choice is again mostly a matter of personal preference and the level of brightness in the room where you typically do your makeup. Ideally, you would like as much light as possible but not so much that it creates a glare.


3. Where will your mirror “live”?
“There’s yet another variable to think about when choosing mirrors,” says Bruce. “Do you want it on a tabletop (vanity) or wall-mounted? If your table or counter isn’t the right height or you want more of a hotel-feel, you might opt for a wall mounted mirror. If you do your makeup at a vanity you’d probably choose a table-top style. Jerdon has wall mounted or table top mirrors in all different magnifications, lighted and non-lighted. Furthermore, people now look at mirrors as a decorative element, so over the years, we have added all sorts of styles and finishes.” According to Bruce, the popular finishes these days include polished or brushed nickel. However, bronze and chrome remain popular, too. Jerdon also offers different shapes including oval, traditional round and square.


4. Work that mirror: zoom in, zoom out!
“Most Jerdon magnification mirrors are dual sided,” says Bruce. “One side is magnified, which is especially good for applying eye makeup (some of our models even include a 15X magnification insert best for the most detailed procedures). The other side is zero magnification and the reflection appears exactly the same dimension as your face. Before you leave the house, you’ll want to flip to zero magnification to get the complete picture and see how the rest of the world is going to see you.”


5. Ask yourself: “where am I going?”
“The kind of lighting you have in your office is different than the light you have in your house and also different than natural daylight,” says Bruce. “Some of our models allow lighting adjustments to mimic outdoor, evening and office lighting so you can preview how you will look in different environments. Lastly, you certainly don’t want to drop proper grooming habits when you’re on the road–so consider purchasing a compact, magnified travel mirror. They fold down nicely to fit easily into purses or luggage.”

To learn more or purchase a Jerdon mirror visit: http://www.jerdonstyle.com/

 images: Jerdon Style, Old Hollywood Glamour

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