{Beauty} More or less makeup after 50?

FOF Marian McEvoy has taken it back to the basics after fifty. She finds that less is more when it comes to cosmetics.

For FOF Susan Grant, mid-life has brought along new beauty challenges and to combat them she’s cranked up her cosmetic use.

Marian and Susan have entirely different beauty routines, yet they’ve both found what works for them after years of experimenting. Take a look at how their cosmetic collections have evolved over time. Then, comment below and tell us, do you wear more or less makeup than you did when you were young?


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  1. LMN says:

    Susan doesn’t look too bad, but Marian has on way too much makeup. And Susan should let go of the eyeliner. I have toned down makeup drastically. I hardly wear any makeup now.

  2. Carol Pease says:

    I definitely use less makeup now than I did in my 30’s and 40’s.

  3. Grayce Consulman says:

    I use a little more then I did then when i was younger. I have to fill in my eyebrows some, I use eye shadow and use lip liner, along with light tinted lip gloss.


  4. Carolyn Parkin says:

    I didn’t wear makeup when I was young (a child of the ’60’s) and I don’t wear much now. Maybe a little transparent mineral powder with sunscreen. I take really good care of my skin (always did) because momma always said “No amount of makeup will make up for bad skin”. I couldn’t do without my cleanser, cream, lip gloss and sunscreen though.

  5. Robyn says:

    When younger I could not get enough makeup.
    Anything new came out all the girls were experimenting. Now over 50 I feel much more comfortable with less makeup. I buy more expensive makeup and wear less. I think now I concentrate on
    caring for my skin and not worry about covering up the flaws.

  6. Cynthia says:

    Clean skin, toner and moisturizer! Undereye concealer is a must. I wear eyeliner with powder to soften and add a bit of drama, a bit of bronzer and lip gloss. I add mascara … when I remember!

  7. Sara from Fab Over Fifty says:

    Ruth- great comment. It’s interesting to hear about FOF beauty routines!

  8. Ruth Roscoe says:

    I am FOF. I wear no lipstick which is not new, I line my brows lightly and line my eyelids with Almay eye liner, wear Almay foundation, medium as it is very light and natural looking, no longer wear powder as it makes my skin look dry, use Oil of Olay as my favorite moisturizer. I do like to try new things; but so far this routine seems best.

  9. KMM says:

    I relate more to pairing down my makeup look. It’s so nice to spend just a few minutes on my makeup routine and then head out the door!

  10. Patricia Assanowicz says:

    I think this is a great question, it made me think back to my early 20’s, my bartending days, in high school the “LOOK” were the “cat eyes”, you know the liner that keeps on going on you upper eye lid, the bottom thin by the nose and thick at the end of eye, of course the foundation and rouge, no one was there to show me or us for that matter the right way to apply. I am laughing just thinking how cool we thought we looked. When I started my Powerwashing, Painting Business, natually when you are powerwashing a 2nd story home you are on you ladders and what I call “Blow-back” always happens, powerwashers are very powerful and you need to know exactly how to use them, regardless you will always have tons of water spraying you back into your face and body, one day after a 6 hour job at a very moldy home I went home jumped into the shower and I guess you can say that was my eye opener, I looked into the mirror and actually looked at my face without any makeup and I thought, hey, for 55 I look pretty darn good without makeup, of couse the cat eyes left the building years ago, if I go out now I use a moisturizer and mascara and that is all, I feel Blessed I inheriated my Dads light sea blue eyes, I sometimes do not wear mascara, but, I ALWAYS use Moisturizer to keep my skin soft and help out those dreaded wrinkles, that is about it, thank you.


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