The best eye makeup of your life

“If you’re over fifty and you’re not wearing eye makeup, you should be.”
–Beauty Expert Lois Joy Johnson, The FOF Beauty Bash

FOF makeup artist Sandy Linter has been helping models and celebs look gorgeous for three decades. In her book, The Makeup Wakeup–co-authored with beauty editor Lois Joy Johnson–she brilliantly demystifies her techniques. At this year’s FOF Beauty Bash, she took it one step further, and created the perfect eye-makeup look, live, on a real FOF woman.

Watch this video from the event and then tell us what you think.  Could you create this look at home?

The Best Eye Makeup Of Your Life from faboverfifty on Vimeo.

1.  Use a 10x magnifying mirror.

2.  Do your eye makeup first–before you do anything else, including your foundation.

3.  Use a primer or oil-free concealer on your lids–it will help you eye makeup stay in place.

4.  Hold your eyelid skin taught and apply black pencil along the upper lash line, in short strokes, from the outside in. Line the bottom lashline as well, and stop at the center of the lower lid, right below your pupil.

5.  Don’t line the inner corners of your eyes.

6.  After applying your pencil, apply liquid liner to your upper lid, right against the lash line.

7.  Define the crease by brushing black or charcoal shadow along your brow bone.

8.  Add concealer to the inner corners of your eyes.

9.  Curl your lashes and apply black mascara.

10.  Keep the lid light–using a color on your lid can actually detract from your eye color.

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  1. Cécile Wheatley says:

    I wear eyeliner inside the lower lid. Sorry. I don’t look older. On the contrary, I think my irises look lighter/luminous. I firmly believe you have to try several options and see what works.
    Disappointing video. The artist too worried about the lens from her eyeglasses…. the model licking her lips like an amateur. The background noise distracting… the artist whispering in the model’s ear, the microphone person not in sync with the artist…
    And the lens kept coming up!! give it a rest! Not impressed. Sorry 🙁

  2. Linda says:

    The artliner by Lancome is the absolute best. I swear by it. It takes a little bit to master creating a smooth and even line, but well worth it. It doesn’t get all smudgy and smeary like a pencil or look bad at the end of a day.

  3. sandy linter says:

    I apologize to everyone watching this video. It’s really a simple method, that became complicated because I accidentally popped a lense out of my glasses. I was doing Nancy Donahue’s makeup without perfect vision. By the time I had borrowed a new pair of glasses, I ran out of time. 🙁

    I did, however, have a successful time teaching, these simple makeup techniques on the floor of the event for two days. Lenses in and vision back to normal, I picked up speed and must have made up over 30 fabulous women over 50. xoxoSandy

  4. ebaranch says:

    Good video. i’ll give it a try

  5. sharon910 says:

    OMG i love it. Would love to have it.I stoped wearing it but will try it again thanks

  6. Judith Marshall says:

    Sorry, but one size does not fit all. What looks good on a blue-eyed, blonde, doesn’t work on an African American. Eye make-up, like all other make-up needs to be customized to the individual. And ladies, please be careful with mineral make-up. It can make you look as dry as the Mojave desert!

  7. Liz says:

    Sounds simple enough, but will these colors work on African American skin, too?

  8. Catalina says:

    There do not seem to be any new concepts in this method of doing eye makeup. This eye look is quite simple and easy to do so of course I could do it. The video was disasppointing and it seems the Beauty Bash was one long advertising/sales event.

  9. dmhsny says:

    Thank you for this wonderful “how-to”….it’s nice to hear someone break it down so simply. I wonder tho; my eyes are blue….does a brown liner bring out this color better? Sometime black seems harsh in daylight…..

  10. Victoria says:

    This is pretty close to what I already do, but it is a little bit bolder, and perhaps I’ll try it and see what happens! I do think that it sometimes pays off to defy the received wisdom about what “older women” are supposed to do with makeup and hair (soften and lighten the makeup and hair colors, cut the hair short, and just fade into the background). That being said, I can see that this look would not work for some women. I think this is perfect for a big-city, super stylish, dressed-in-black New York kind of woman. If that’s not your lifestyle, it may not work for you. I think we should each experiment and find our own style, depending on where and how we live.

  11. lynn owsianowski says:

    I’m a pro makeup artist, so yes, this is almost exactly how I do my own eyes. I’m pleased to see someone else advocating black liner and black shadow for the over fifty crowd. Too many advice articles state that when you reach a certain age, you need to use brown or even none at all! No way, Thank you, I plan on playing up my big, brown eyes until I can no longer wield an eyeliner pencil.

  12. Kristi says:

    While the eyemakeup certainly makes her eyes stand out more, and it is a glamorous look, I agree with Ali that this look actually “ages” her eyes. The lines around her eyes seem more severe with the darker liner and shadow. I think her eyes looked younger at the beginning.

  13. sherry57 says:

    I have found using silver/white on the inner corner and a dark blue instead of black eyeliner on the bottom lashline really make brown eyes pop.

  14. Jean says:

    I can’t imagine doing this harsh eye make-up for everyday, during the day, look. Certainly for going out at night, but it looks like way too much work and way too dark for everyday wear. Maybe it’s just me….

  15. Ali says:

    I actually think the model looked younger before. The shadow in the crease seemed to emphasize the drooping of the brow bone area. The heavier handed approach might look better at night but for daytime it just aged her. I much prefer the Cindy Joseph approach to makeup.

  16. eddyrobey says:

    I have blue eyes, and very pale skin. Browns are a softer choice, especiallyin daylight, for those of us who are now Fab Over 60.

  17. ABC says:

    These women (not the model) were annoying. There’s something about hair in the eyes, overly made up, and stringy skinniness that grates.

  18. Mamavalveeta03 says:

    One of the best suggestions Sandy makes is the 10x magnifying mirror–You’ll be able to see what you’re doing and your makeup will look perfect!

  19. dmnyes says:

    If I have no makeup on at all, I have my mascara. No mascara, I’d be NAKED!

  20. Lisa says:

    This is a TERRIFIC tutorial. Thank you soo much!
    Thank you Sandy!


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