BEAUTY DISCOVERY: An Exceptional Natural Plant Extract That Will Make Your Skin Bloom

Whether or not you’re a QVC or an HSN shopper, you can be sure of at least one thing: The successful home shopping channels do not continually give airtime to a single piece of merchandise unless it sells, and sells, and sells.

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No matter how much one of their buyers might love a product at first–whether it’s a necklace or a handbag; a computer or a cell phone; a outdoor chaise or lawn mower–he or she will drop it like a hot potato if HSN and QVC customers don’t rush to their phones or computers to place orders. In a nutshell, these channels don’t do a single favor for any brand unless the brand is a true customer favorite.

With this in mind, HSN offers a selection of almost 200 all-natural KORRES skincare, bath, body and makeup products on its website. Created by Greek pharmacist, George Korres, and a biochemist who later became his wife, Lena, KORRES has been made in Athens since 1996. Using “the power of plants,” its scientists work closely with farmers to extract thousands of their active ingredients, and study them for their beneficial properties.

Now, KORRES, along with academic and research scientists from around the world, have identified one of the most active plant ingredients, called Lupeol, following a four-year study of 3,600 plant extracts that aimed to discover plant-derived substitutes for synthetic chemicals used in cosmetics and agriculture. The active ingredients of the extracts were studied for their antioxidant properties, UV protection and anti-pigmentation abilities.

Lupeol comes from the extract from the leaves of the Castanea (chestnut) tree, found in Arcadia, Greece, and has been widely used in the pharmaceutical and food supplement industries. But its inability to be dissolved prevented it from effectively being used in skin care products, until KORRES scientists figured out how. By developing a proprietary active molecule, called HALupeol, that successfully encases pure Lupeol in a hyaluronic acid shell, the active ingredient is allowed to penetrate the skin and reach “deep into the epidermis for maximum efficiency,” the company claims.

Called Castanea Arcadia Wrinkle Rewind, the newest KORRES collection includes HALupeol and other active ingredients such as black oat extract and lecithin to reinforce the skin’s ability to retain moisture and bolster its structure. The three products in the new Castanea Arcadia line are:

THE DAY CREAM ($48): Made with a blend of moisturizing abyssinia and apricot oils, olive oil esters, and sweet almond butter, the cream is rich in essential fatty acids, and vitamins A,C and E for increased hydration.

THE NIGHT CREAM ($48): Jojoba oil filled with D-panthenol reportedly gives this cream long-term hydrating power, while chamomile oil provides antioxidants, apricot oil delivers beneficial vitamins to moisturize and improve the skin’s texture.

THE EYE CREAM ($45): This cream is made with extracts of rhodiola rosea root and oats to lift, smooth and firm the delicate skin around the eyes, reduce sagging and brightening skin tone. Argan and jojoba oils reportedly increase the skin’s elasticity and improve its texture, while chamomile and apricot oils provide antioxidants.
68ff27eb-bc52-4aae-ace7-47ba556547dd“Even before opening the products, I liked the fact that the Korres creams come in thick, amber-colored glass jars, which helps protect the ingredients from losing their potency,” says FOFounder Geri Brin. “The day and night creams have light, flowery, scents. Their consistency is rich and their texture is ultra smooth. The day cream is a tad lighter than the night cream, but they both beautifully absorbed into my skin without leaving an oily look or feeling. The eye cream has definitely reduced the darkness around my eyes, as well as the puffiness.”

The new KORRES Castanea Arcadia collection is available at beginning today.

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  1. Carla-Margaret (Carla) says:

    I am now 65. I still have to be careful of oils on my face. I am prone to black-heads. I have found Coconut Oil helps me greatly. Winter comes and my face is chapped. The dryness HURTS. Before bed I rub on a little coconut oil and your skin is like a babies bottom. Allow it to saturate at it’s own speed.


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