My Hair–And I–Are Doing A Happy Dance!

Braided in the fifties. Teased through the sixties. Straightened in the seventies. Curly through the eighties and nineties. And, pretty much diminishing after that! My hair has been right there with me, through thick and THIN! But, it looked pretty much like it was going to leave me permanently, and I’d never have a good hair day ever again.

I tried one volumizing product after another, and even had an expensive hair piece made to give me fullness up top. The products just weighed down my already pancake-like style (if you could even call it a style), and it became a nuisance to maintain the piece.

Now, a revolutionary Hair Volumizing System called VOLAIRE has come into my life, and my tresses (and I) are doing a happy dance.

So are millions of women, including actress Kristin Davis. “My hair was full when I was young, then one day I went to put it in a ponytail and it wasn’t there. It had become thinner, drier and damaged,” the 51-year-old actress remembered.

Kristin became an instant Volaire fan the first time she tried it, after hearing a stylist rave about how well it worked on his clients’ hair. “VOLAIRE makes my hair move with natural, beautiful, weightless volume once again! It looks as good as it did when I played Charlotte on Sex And The City,” she said.  Kristin is so excited by the results, she’s become the VOLAIRE brand ambassador.

Unlike all those traditional products that coat and may weigh down the hair, the exclusive VOLAIRE’S exclusive AIRWEIGHT TECHNOLOGY combines nourishing ingredients with unique microspheres to infuse lift and volume to thinning and lifeless hair. These positively charged microspheres literally attach to each negatively charged hair shaft to create more space between individual strands for weightless volume.  It’s not magic.  It’s science. And, it works!

“VOLAIRE approaches hair volume in a totally different way,” explained Carey Grange, president of Junee Brands, whose mission is to discover beauty and personal care products that provide transformational benefits for women. “Typical volumizers actually coat the hair strands to make them thicker. Besides weighing down hair, they often make it look and feel dirtier,” Carey added. Hair becomes even heavier when we use additional styling products like gels and mousses.  The result is hair that’s gunked up with product.

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