My Hair–And I–Are Doing A Happy Dance!

Besides giving my hair instant fullness, body and dimension, VOLAIRE infuses it with essential fatty acids and vitamins so it shines and looks healthy. “It isn’t a hair regrowth system. It’s a cosmetic formula,” Carey said, “and the volume lasts all day.”  

Four products make up the VOLAIRE Hair Volumizing System, each featuring the exclusive AirWeight Technology:


An aerated dispenser releases a lightweight, pillowy and rich foam lather that I easily work throughout my hair, leaving it feeling soft, silky and lifted. The shampoo is free of sulfates and parabens, can safely be used on my color-treated hair, and infuses it with nutrient-rich ingredients, such as avocado oil, kelp and algae extracts, and chamomile. Coconut-derived surfactants make my hair feel clean, but don’t deprive it of essential oils.


I need to use only a small amount of this wonderfully rich, nourishing and hydrating conditioner to help prevent breakage, without adding weight to my hair. I leave it on for two minutes, and, after rinsing it out, my hair is touchable and soft, but never heavy or sticky.

Ingredients include oat protein, which softens and smoothes my hair, and panthenol, which helps reduce dryness, dullness and breakage. My hair is finer than it’s ever been, but this conditioner treats it richly, without weighing it down and making it feel lifeless.


After towel drying my hair, I spray on this ultra-light mist, which is formulated to lock onto my hair roots and strands to pump up the volume without making my hair stiff, sticky or tacky. Restorative extracts actually nourish the roots and scalp.

When I use the mist on my wet hair, it adds fullness and volume, whether I blow it dry or let it air dry, but the texture doesn’t change either way. It also includes natural sea salt, so when I apply it on my dry hair, it refreshes my naturally curly hair, and gives me a full-bodied texture. The mist will help give lasting body, smoothness and bounce to finer hair than mine, Carey told me.


Once I’ve dried and styled my hair, I lift it in sections and spray underneath, from the roots to the tips, then I use my fingertips to add instant volume and texture. My hair no longer looks limp, and it’s never stiff, sticky, or coated with product.  The spray includes sunflower seed extract, rich in Vitamin E, so it gives my hair movement. It also absorbs excess oils and odors, so my tresses feel and look fresh for a lot longer.

The VOLAIRE Hair Volumizing System is improving the overall health of my hair, and it looks good longer. I only have to shampoo and style every few days. Between shampoos I simply run a brush or comb through my hair, fluff it up with my fingers, spray on a little Air Magic Texturizing Spray, and away I go!

Carey and her team have put together an introductory set so you can try these innovative products for only $29.95, plus free shipping, a 40% savings over buying each product separately. And, they’re so confident you’ll become a VOLAIRE fan, the company is offering a 60-day money back guarantee on everything!  Even if you send back empty bottles, you’ll get a total refund!   

to give your hair lift & love with VOLAIRE.

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