Is Erasa As Effective As Botox?

After spending 18 years leading the innovation and research teams at Estée Lauder, Jules Zecchino was determined to use his extensive knowledge of the most potent ingredients to create a superior anti-aging product. A few months ago, Jules and his team launched Erasa XEP 30 ($160 for 1.7 fl oz).

Erasa XEP 30 is the single most technically advanced, anti-aging concentrate in the high-end professional product performance arena. It has been created to deliver a total activity of anti-aging benefits, normally requiring three or more products,” Jules claims.

Erasa’s signature ingredient, XEP 30, is a patent-pending anti-wrinkle neurotoxin. Other significant anti-aging ingredients include argireline, a powerful peptide to relax wrinkles; creatine, which provides energy to the skin cells and stimulates collagen production, and gladbridin, an anti-inflammatory and skin brightening ingredient found in licorice root extract.

Unlike most cosmetic brands, which do not conduct clinical trials and make unsubstantiated claims in their advertisements, Jules asserts, Erasa has studies and data to back up its promises.

“The first clinical trials just completed show that even though the product is cosmetic and applied topically, its ability to reduce wrinkles is as efficacious as injected Botox, and several times more effective than any topical cosmetic product in the market,” according to the manufacturer.

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