{Gift Guide} GIVE fab wearable gifts, RECEIVE a stunning wrap sweater

Falalalala, FOF Fashionistas! Our panel of style gurus picks the wearable gifts they’d love to give and get this year.

Plus, one lucky FOF will win the stunning Aztec Wrap sweater  pictured below. To enter, tell us in the comments below: What’s the worst wearable gift you’ve ever received?

Thank you for entering. This contest is now closed.

Black and White Aztec Wrap Sweater, $20
“These bold wraps are made from wool remnants taken from designers such as Armani, Chanel and Loro Piana. They’re made by an FOF; each one can be worn three different ways and the price point is so good, you wouldn’t feel guilty buying a few.” -FOF Geri Brin

A nostalgic Skate Key Necklace from DFB Designs, $89
“I wear mine every day!” -FOF Geri Brin

A wear-everywhere Moksha Scarf, $100
“Unlike a Hermes scarf, you won’t see these gorgeous designs everywhere and they won’t cost you an arm and a leg.” -FOF Geri Brin

{Geri Brin is the founder of FabOverFifty.com}


Dannijo Stingray Cuff, $300
“This stingray “Zuma” cuff, also available in purple and teal blue, is a cheerful, seasonless accessory, appropriate to wear with anything from jeans or a  summer dress to a wool suit.” -FOF Susan Grant

Rabbit “Infinity” Scarf by Jocelyn, $198
“Just the right touch of fur to capture the trend of the season. It can be worn long or doubled for a cowl effect. Available in brown, black or grey.” -FOF Susan Grant

{Susan Grant is merchandise manager for Muse, a full-service jewelry showroom.}


Hooded Cashmere Poncho, $250
“This casual cashmere cape would work with leggings, slim jeans or narrow pants. I love the dark brown brown because it’s more universally flattering than black (especially as we age). It’s also a a great neutral when paired with black, navy and gray.” -FOF Sherrie Mathieson

Pearl & Rhinestone Shag Necklace, Champagne, $315
“A lovely pearl collar provides interest to any simple neckline and reflects light onto the face.” -FOF Sherrie Mathieson

{Sherrie Mathieson is a leading style expert and Random House author of Steal this Style and Forever Cool.}


Carolina Amato Gloves, $33-$120
“I love all Carolina Amato’s gloves. They’re whimsical and the price points are great.” – FOF Linda Cohen

Embellised Clutch by Roberta Freymann, $95
“You can wear this with dark colors in the winter or white and colors in the summer.” -FOF Linda Cohen

{Linda Cohen is head buyer for the FOF shop, has her own fashion consulting and merchandising business and owned a clothing store for 27 years.}


Restoration Hardware Monogram Cashmere Robe, $249
“A cashmere robe is the ultimate indulgent luxury. They run the gamut from pricey ($3000) to affordable ($300-ish). I’ll take the one from Restoration Hardware (when did they start making robes in addition to door knockers?) for $249. It’s a classic shawl-collared robe with patch pockets. And you can have it monogrammed for the same price. I would monogram it, ‘YAY.’” -FOF Gail Garramone

Tahitian Pearl Studs with Diamonds in 14-karat White Gold, $275
“Pearls are my jewels of choice. Whether milky white or midnight dark, I love the way they pick up the warmth of your body. My ideal would be a Tahitian South Sea pearl necklace with matching earrings, but for the same price I could get a mansion in Westchester. So instead, I’ll take Ross-Simons’ Tahitian pearl studs with tiny diamonds (hey, they’re still diamonds) for $275. I hope my husband is listening. I would wear them 24/7, except in the shower. Pearls do not like water.” -FOF Gail Garramone

{Gail Garramone is a veteran V.P. of Liz Claiborne Inc. where she traveled around the country with Tim Gunn producing fashion workshops.}


Nars Bento Box Lip Gloss Kit, $125
“The packaging of this Nars lip gloss set is divine. Two pots of gloss–pink and red–both exquisite shades, and a beautiful Asian-inspired lip brush. I would LOVE to get this gift.” -FOF Terry Gibralter

Antipast Socks, $25-$38
“Antipast socks come in amazing patterns and colors; in short, long and even over-the-knee styles; and they are made in Japan from very high-quality yarns. They’re a lot of fashion bang for the buck!” -FOF Terry Gibralter

{Terry Gibraltar is the founder of Bespoke Custom Shopping Tours, carefully-crafted shopping “vacations” and a self-proclaimed, “fashion-obsessed” FOF.}


Anne Fontaine “Lea” Blouse, $295
“There’s nothing like a crisp white top with just about any type of bottom. Ann Fontaine’s white blouses are works of art, from the very simplest “Lea” ($295.00), a short sleeve satin blouse, to the most ornate. “Luca’s” feminine neck and cuffs are great for day or night ($250.00).”  -FOF Sandra Soich

“Linda” earrings from Gemma Redux, $198
Gemma Redux features modern costume jewelry with a twist. Gems can be pricey, but you can purchase, the “Linda” earring ($198.00) to give the Anne Fontaine blouse a modern and sophisticated look. -FOF Sandra Soich

{Sandra Soich is a highly sought-after celebrity and commercial stylist who offers personal wardrobe consulting through her website, YourFashionTherapist.com}


Enter to win a stunning Aztec sweater wrap by telling us in the comments below: What’s the worst wearable gift you’ve ever received?

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  1. CHERYL says:

    It was a bandage dress, looks like a bandaid and it was bright cobolt blue and whit, came to the end of my rear-end, I couldn’t even bend over, the cleavage was to my belly button. My X-boyfriend bought it and said it was so sexy! Well maybe if I was 20 it would look great? That’s a big Maybe, But I am 48! That was Not going to be worn by me, out at dinner, fine dining!! Maybe the strip club? I really don’t know what he was thinking, (haha) that’s why he is my X.

  2. Murphy says:

    I received a hand made necklace out of gum wrappers from a great aunt. Everytime she saw me she expected me to be wearing it. I appreciated her effort and kindness though.

  3. Sue says:

    Oh, this is easy! My beloved sister-in-law loves to gift hand-made and hand-sewn items, which would be great, if only she had better fashion sense. She once made me a shoulder bag of lime green fake suede with long cowboy fringe – would have been a big hit in the late 60’s or early 70’s, but this was in the mid-80’s and unfortunately, I couldn’t bring myself to wear it, not even once.

  4. Jacquie says:

    Mine was a very gaudy pair of fashion jewelry earrings with large orange stones. A definite not-me.

  5. Holley says:

    I’d love to win any one of these giveaways

  6. Holley says:

    Thiis is a wonder website i love everything on here

  7. wendy says:

    Pearl Studs
    My mother-in-law gave me a pair of studs pearls back in the 70’s and I wear them all the time.Classic go with everything!

  8. Irishstar says:

    My daughter,God bless her, has given me a purse from a craft fair that while not hideous was not my style—-lots of cats with lots of sequins!

  9. Lisbeth says:

    I was unable to find info. for purchasing the cashmere poncho Sherrie mentioned. Help!

  10. Nancy says:

    I don’t remember any one that was so bad it couldn’t be worn at least once without causing embarassment. I guess I should consider myself lucky.

  11. Patricia Assanowicz says:

    I still have this gift I recieved at least ten years ago, I cannot throw away this gift that came from a very dear friend of mine who is no longer with us. She had an awesome personality, hence the gift. The very BIG sweater that reached all the way to the knees, bright red and green, loaded with little gold and silver ornaments sewn on, I swear at least 100 or more ornaments, from Christmas trees, to bulbs, and then to this day ornaments I can not describe, and my friends cannot either. As I unwrapped the sweater a small box and a larger box fell out. Opening the smaller one, there were a pair of earrings that litterally rolled up, I have never seen earring that rolled up, as I unrolled the earrings an image of a large Christmas tree with again little ornaments sewn on, matching the sweater, to say these were a bright green and red would be an understatement. Opening the larger box, in all their glory, slippers that when put on went all the way to my knees, again, same matching colors with ALOT of sewn on ornaments. My friend was sitting next to me as I opened these gifts, along with my kids and husband, it was so quiet you could hear a pin drop, or for that matter you could hear my earrings drop. I looked at her and she started laughing so hard and told me, Pat, there is no reason a gift has to be serious, and knowing you for so long and your personality, I knew you would love these because they came from me. Yes I put the entire outfit on and wore it the entire day, friends came and went, comments varied. I still put this outfit on and remember my friend and our funny side and her gift from the heart. That is my strangest gift I have ever recieved, nothing has topped it yet. Bless my friend, my Angel, I know you re still laughing.

  12. RuiYing says:

    A bright pink polo shirt that was 2 sizes too big! Yikes!

  13. hsbelvis says:

    I can’t think of anything! I am usually very pleased with any gift.

  14. cathy says:

    A bright red Christmas sweater-with Santa and pom poms

  15. Kristine P says:

    Worst wearalbe item was a loud muti-flower print sundress. Doesn’t sound bad but looked horrible. I was trying to be polite and say “Thank you” knowing I would never wear, however my Grandma took one look and said “Who bought you THAT awful dress”.

    We laugh about it now.

  16. tsweeney says:

    After hearing me say how pretty an ivory dress with lacy ivory “corset”-style belt looked in a catalog, my husband purchased it and presented it proudly to me for Christmas. Unfortunately, the photo did the garment no favors – the quality of the fabric was awful, and I am not a frilly girl at all. His heart was in the right place, and bonus points for listening and paying attention, but I have learned that I need to let him know that although I might say something is pretty, it does not mean I want it for myself. (The gift sat in its box in my closet for years — I just could not let it go because it was such a well-intentioned gift.)

  17. Sally England says:

    The worst wearable item I ever received would have to be a crocheted poncho that was made from lots of different bright colored yarn and looked exactly like the throw on the back of the couch in the tv show Roseanne! lol. It was heavy and very itchy and you could see me coming for miles!!

  18. Margarida says:

    The worst wearable gift I was given as a teenager was a frumpy, over-size ,orange, plaid tweed suit designed for a much older woman!

  19. Lisa says:

    A huge, oversized, poly-cotton blend sweatshirt with a sarcastic slogan on the front from an old boyfriend who thought it was funny. As if I would ever have worn it! And I didn’t even know where he bought so I could exchange it for something less awful. And he had bought the same one for his teenage son.

  20. Becky Beer says:

    My mother in law made me a sweatshirt? for Christmas one year,did’nt have enough fabric to finish it because she also made one for my daughter,so the sleves were made from a completely different pattern and they were so narrow I could’nt even get my arms in it anyway.

  21. Anne Cintron says:

    A little black cardigan with ruffles…..love it…..

  22. L Carcaise says:

    Footed PJs, I’m almost 6 ft. tall and they might of fit someone about 5’2. They were from my ex, that tells the whole story….

  23. susan says:

    the worst was a sort of 2 piece romper, flattering to no body in existence, and in a loud color as well. but the best – the year my husband got me a chanel skirt, blouse and sweater – and they fit!!

  24. Laurie says:

    The worst wearable gift… a faux fur hat shaped like a helmet that had strings with big round balls of the fur at the ends to tie it on with…. seriously ugly!

  25. Carole says:

    The worst wearable gift I got was from my Dad’s 2nd wife.
    It was a blouse; one of those creepy-crepey ones that you can barely stand to touch! eeeK! Plus, it was striped in UGLY colors which I can’t wear.

    Actually, I think she re-gifted it. I don’t think even She would pick it out; not even at a garage sale! Of all the pretty things in the stores at Christmas time; How could THAT have been her choice? (Ya think she didn’t like me???) LOL

    Since I couldn’t touch it I certainly did not ever wear it! I couldn’t even put it in with the Good Will box!

    But I did thank her . . .


  26. Kathryn says:

    I ridiculous sweater that my husband bought me – the poor guy has no taste!

  27. GINGER Mc says:

    Probably an orange suit that was designed to fit someone about 6 inches taller than me…not just the skirt length, but all of the lines. With a peplum waist, there was not easy alteration to be done. No doubt, it was a ‘great buy’ when my mother found it. I gave it to a tall cousin and wonder if she ever wore it!

  28. Sharon says:

    I would have to say that the orange and brown top my friend gave me was the worst. First, it was too big – a medium, I’m small. Second, I looked like I should have been in a coffin. Not my color at all!

  29. Catherine says:

    The worst wearable gift I ever received was an orange and green houndstooth hat… mohair, no less!

  30. Sandy says:

    It was thoughtful, and she meant well I’m sure, but a dear person made a fleece scarf out of a hideous teal/turquoise blue color. She cut a pattern on the short ends but you could see the pen marks. It hit the drawer and has not seen the light of day since.

  31. diana s. says:

    I received an obviously re-gifted hideous sweater that was also previously worn! It had dingle-balls on the front!

  32. laurie says:

    The worst wearable gift that I received, and then had to wear (ugh!) I still remember, even though I was a young girl. It was a Dance Recital Outfit that not only had a pink leotard and pink tutu…but had a giant pink tutu for your head as well…I looked like a freaky, veiled, pink big-headed freak, and now I’m thinking that that instance might be the reason for all my needed therapy !!!!!! (lol)

  33. Cathy says:

    The worst wearable gift

    An apron, 1950’s style with pockets and ruffles, embroidered with “John’s Wife” on the front.

    Really, a personalized gift for which they did not use my own name?

  34. Debra Zak says:

    someone very sweet but a newbie to knitting, knitted me the ITCHIEST scarf in the world! when it came in contact with my neck (and I mean contact) my neck turned red from me scratching and not due to allergies.
    I had to wear it when I saw her, BUT…..
    SO I wore a turtleneck, I was plotzing!

  35. sherie says:

    had to have been this towel robe from my mother i believe! it was hand made and it was made from towels. it was red and very cheap looking! and the towel material was very cheap…loose loops in the material. god love her for trying!! and yes, i was a good girl and wore it once in a while!

  36. Debra Tanner says:

    My worst was a dress for my best friends wedding her mother-in-law created and made it. I guess it was a control issue. My friend the bride she obviously lost, needless to say the dress was let’s say pretty horrid, and
    could and would not ever be warned by anybody ever again. But not to worry I met my husband of my dreams he was the best man and now we are married for almost 32 years.

  37. Judy Guenther says:

    Hand painted and glittered collar!

  38. Susan Lockwood says:

    The worst present was a tunic top in orange – my least favorite color and I have never worn it.

  39. alicia ely says:

    Toe socks. why in the world would ANYONE want them?

  40. Christian says:

    I once received a little gold bracelet that was links of cats. It sounds cute…but it wasn’t. Maybe if I was 12. Luckily, my boyfriend traded it back in for pearl earrings that I could get a lot more use out of!

  41. Anne says:

    Every year my aunt (bless her heart) would give me tube socks. This of course did not thrill me – this continued into my teen years when I would have given anything for a “Mod” watch or a poor boy sweater. My aunt passed away many years ago, and I think of her fondly, and marvel that just as many tube socks seem to be manufactured and sold at flea markets nowadays as back then.

  42. Sue Zinger says:

    My husband bought me a terrible yukky green sweater set.

  43. Sue S. says:

    I hate to say it, but a sweater with Koala bears on the front…talk about ready for the retirement home!!! My friend gave it to me because she knew I loved Koala Bears. It was a beautiful thought, and I wore it (yes I did) to her New Years party. What did it matter what others thought about it; it was my friends feelings that were important.

  44. stephanie says:

    the worst wearable gift i ever received? hmm… unfortunately, it was a beautiful long-hair angora sweater. i had seen it in the store & commented on it & a close friend bought it for me as a sign of their affection. only problem was, i found out i’m allergic to rabbit fur! i tried to be valiant about wearing it– it was sooo beautiful & soft! but, the itching just got to be tooo much!!!

  45. Cynthia says:

    The worst wearable gift I ever received was from my grandmother, who gave me pajamas when I was 8. I had never worn pajamas – the waist went almost to my neck, the legs ended at my knees and two of me would have fit inside! I loved my grandmother and never told her that I just couldn’t wear them.

  46. Jennifer Brown says:

    Another mother-in-law gift: matching sweatshirts for my husband and me: white, with cats wearing Santa stocking hats. She mailed them to us. When we got close to her house on Christmas, we pulled into a gas station and we both put them on. Duration of wearing: about 3 hours. We gave them to my grandmother and great aunt, who wore them every Christmas for about a decade and loved them!

  47. sharon says:

    I recieved a hat one time that pu areathas to shame. Thank the lord it wa way to big.

  48. Art by Karena says:

    It was a sweater that was so scratchy and uncomfortable I simply coul not wear it!

    Art by Karena

  49. Gina P says:

    The worst wearable gift was from a boss who knew I liked Manatees. I actually “adopted” one. So I guess he just saw this tee shirt with a manatee on it and bought it. Unfortunately, it was a xs belly top with the words “The Manatee……..Nature’s Speed Bump” written underneath the pic of the manatee. Uuuuurrrgggh!!

  50. beth w says:

    Anything my petite, size 1 sister has ever given me to wear. She is 5 foot nothing. I am 5 foot, 9 inches. I am a healthy, plus size, corn fed W-O-M-A-N. She has no concept of clothes beyond the size of petite 2. She went to France and bought herself, me and my daughter-in-law all the exact same shirt back. Do they even make a size 16 in France?

  51. Phylis says:

    The worst gift I ever received was a forest green knit coat with faux “green” fur on the wrists, collar and bottom. The gesture was nice but the coat was really ugly.

  52. judy Frederick says:

    My worst gift was a pair of short shorts. The giver thought they would be easier to wear with my full length leg brace than regular shorts.

  53. Jo says:

    My ex once gave me TWO sweaters (probably a buy- one-get-one deal) that were reverses. That is, one was pink with purple trim and the other was purple with pink trim. Not only did it mean that I really got just one sweater since they looked so much alike, but they were scratchy and uncomfortable to boot.

  54. Julie says:

    The worst wearable gift I ever rcvd- I have had several from my former mother in law but I would put the red sweater w/ some kind of croched teddy bear on it that had yarn that stuck out for hair, buttons for eyes. This all from a pattern that was raised, so the teddy bear stuck out. BUT, I liked my mother in law, so despite this, I wore it:) It was a nice thought

  55. Kim Law says:

    It has to be a light blue short sleeved robe received from my in-laws. My mother-in-law had a matching one and it just screamed “Old Woman”!

  56. Robyn Ely says:

    I sure have not forgot this one ! My dear sweet Mother bought me a vest. You say so, a vest? Well let me tell you about this thing. It was a fur zebra printed vest. I am sure she either got it free, or wanted me to look nothing short of a donkey walking down the street. Did I wear it ? H…. no !!!!!

  57. Karen says:

    The worst wearable I’ve ever received was from a former mother-in-law. It was a long-waisted green plaid dress by a top designer and absolutely beautiful. But I’m a short-waisted olive-skinned gal – it made me look like death warmed over if death had a blind tailor!

  58. margara says:

    recently i recieved a black karen millen sweater for my birthday, and i havent taken it off this season! its beautifully made -almost architectonichally… and the fabric is super soft as well!

  59. Patti says:

    This little story goes all the way back to our first Christmas as a married couple…37 years ago.
    My ever-so-sweet new husband wanted to do his own shopping, so we went to the mall together so I could show him some things that I liked. So far, so good – then we went our seperate ways at the mall to get each of our shopping done. Well, he went back to all the stores we visited, and he actually BOUGHT everything that I had shown him – wow! This is where it goes wrong…he did NOT look at the sizes of the items, he just bought them, what a sweet new husband! Unfortunately, I ended up with some things a size 3, size 7, size 10, you name it. I have to this day wondered why the sales person did not question this poor young man as to why he was buying so many different sizes. Ahhh, but this is one of my fondest memories of our early years together, and we think of it every Christmas, and we both still laugh about it.

  60. Toby Wollin says:

    Actually, this was not a gift to ME – it was gifts that my mom gave to my daughters when they were teenagers. She got them pearls, simple strings of freshwater pearls with very nice silver clasps on them. Oh, you say, “How can these have been horrible gifts?” Because my mom never bothered to find out if the girls actually appreciated and wanted pearls. She looked into her own memory and knew that at the age of 16, she would have crawled over a street full of broken glass if someone had offered her a string of pearls (after all, one of her greatest memories was being given a wristwatch when she graduated from her nursing program at the age of 18…in 1937). My girls? let’s see now – they spent their entire high school years dressed in jeans, flipflops and teashirts, except when they went to their proms. They saw ME wearing my pearls to work but to them, I was always an old lady. And their generation of girls definitely did NOT aspire to dressing the way ‘grown ups’ do. So a string of pearls was NOT a good gift; they saw their gifts as ‘something Gram WANTS us to have (like boots, snow suits, and a good wool suit), not something we really want. Gifts should be something the person really really wants. Then, it’s a gift.

  61. Ysconsin says:

    It was a very sweet thought, but made me look like a puffy Easter egg: a lavendar and pale spring green knitted pullover vest hand-made by my grandmother. It was even soft and cuddly, not scratchy, but I couldn’t wear it in public.

  62. Sara Layton says:

    There are few colors I cannot wear, I feel they do not fit my skin, but the worst present I have received is a bikini more like a tong bathing suit in bright green, (not my color) and very small, I have a huge surgery scar on my belly, so needless to say it went to the trash bin. OOOuuugggg

  63. Barbara Foster says:

    A shirt from my mother when I was a teenager, needless to say I did not wear it. It was very colorful and had big polka dots on the long sleeves and stripes on the bodice. My mother would have dressed like a clown if she would have had the money to have a new wardrobe. She has passed on and if I still had that shirt I would wear it now, just to make her smile.

  64. Roxy says:

    I can’t remember ever getting a gift I didn’t appreciate. When I see some of the gifts my friends have received I realize I have much to be thankful for

  65. Laurie Jackson says:

    was the hand made sweatshirt my own mother made for me it was a white shirt with a wreath on it and had beads and sequins as the decorations yucky i love you tho Mom

  66. fabulous mimi says:

    I would love to win any of the fabulous giveaways for fabulous mimi–having trouble finding the links on some of these wonderful items—but I will persevere!!! then, there is always Santa…Oh, Santa Baby, are you listening????

  67. Tricia Douglas says:

    Even though it came from the heart, some of the jewelry I received from my third grade students, wasn’t really something I could wear. But their thoughtfulness is what really counted!


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