Honest-to-Goodness Skincare For Life-Changing Results

Sally, a 55 year-old from Phoenix, disliked her fine lines, large pores and loose, delicate skin. “I looked like a much older woman,” she lamented. After investing a small fortune in anti-aging creams that promised to “turn back the clock” – but did nothing – Sally was so dismayed, she started thinking about plastic surgery.

Across the country, in Atlanta, Marie had been suffering with consistent acne for about eight years. She tried treating it with one product after another, including oral medication the dermatologist prescribed. Nothing worked. When it came to her skin, she couldn’t focus on anything else, and desperately wanted a way to get rid of her blemishes.


Sally’s appearance was changing right before her eyes, thanks to the beauty brand’s Clinical 1% Retinol Treatment. “If I had to pick one skincare item, this would be it. My skin is tight, firm looking and no longer looks fragile. I have fewer lines and smaller pores,” said Sally, thrilled to look like the young woman she is!

Meanwhile, Marie thought her Paula’s Choice exfoliant was magic in the bottle.  “I’m not one to share my opinions with the entire internet, but I think this product has made the single biggest difference in my skin,” Marie wrote in her 5-star review of Paula’s Choice Skin Perfecting 2% BHA Liquid Exfoliant. “My skin was smoother and softer within the first week, and my existing acne cleared up in another few weeks,” she said. Marie’s been using the exfoliant twice a day for two months, and her acne is completely gone. “I can finally concentrate on supporting and nourishing my skin. This product is legitimately amazing,” she raved.


Like millions of women in their 40s and beyond, Marie and Sally yearned to find honest-to-goodness solutions for their bothersome skin problems.  Paula’s Choice delivered because it’s refreshingly – and dramatically – different in a beauty market overflowing with exaggerations, misleading information, and downright lies! 

Paula’s Choice follows the truth – not what’s popular. It doesn’t promise miracles, but delivers results. Relying completely on science and research to create potent and effective formulas, Paula’s Choice uses everything skin needs and nothing it doesn’t. 

“We don’t follow trends or opinions. We follow the facts,” said Paula Begoun, whose best-selling books of candid beauty advice led to the creation of her eponymous skincare brand of honest products. A consistent cult favorite among the internet’s beauty cognoscenti, Paula’s Choice becomes the “can’t-live-without-it” brand when a woman discovers its remarkable results on her skin.  Just take a look at the thousands of exceptional reviews on its website.

Paula’s Choice chemists understand skin physiology, and precisely how the ingredients in their products react with our skin.

Consider the following:

◉     Although most of us adore fragrance in our skincare products, the truth is that it irritates the skin. While you might not see the damage on the skin’s surface, it can be silently lurking below. Just because an ingredient is “natural” doesn’t mean it’s always best. Paula’s Choice formulas never have a bit of fragrance or essential oils. What’s more, they’re never tested on animals, have dyes or drying alcohol.

◉     Glass jars or transparent packaging may be appealing on the outside, but honestly, they’re only helping the skincare ingredients inside to oxidize faster and lose their potency. Every time you open a jar you’re exposing the formula to large amounts of air. Light also can pass through transparent containers, another problem. Paula’s Choice products are always packaged to ensure that their power-packed formulas stay stable and effective.

◉     While other beauty products claim they’re created for mature skin, Paula’s Choice appropriately develops its unique collection based on women’s skin types –  from dry to super oily and super sensitive. The truth is “age is not a skin type,” said Deborah Kilgore, director of skincare education for the company.   Women can have oily skin with enlarged pores and bumps well into their 50s, 60s, and beyond, for example. No matter her age, a woman with oily skin needs lightweight and fluid products, and one with dry skin requires creamier formulas with lush textures.

While age isn’t a skin type, Paula’s Choice understands that a woman’s skin can experience changes in mid-life, from becoming thinner and laxer to redder and unevenly textured. That’s why it offers specific products to match every woman’s needs, with textures to match her skin type. A universal set of products can’t work on everyone. Paula’s Choice range of products lets each woman create her own curated routine.


If we all began taking care of our skin when we were young –  most importantly, protecting it from sun damage – we’d have younger looking skin as we aged.  Sun, pollution and poor diet – not chronological age – are the three biggest skin-aging culprits. The sun begins to affect our skin from the moment we’re born. Even women in their 30s can have substantial sun damage if they haven’t been protecting it.

Outstanding News: It’s never too late to start a skin protection regimen. These four Paula’s Choice products should be part of every woman’s daily skincare routine, and used in the order they’re listed here:

◉     WATER-SOLUBLE CLEANSER: You want a gentle but effective cleanser that can be rinsed away easily with your hands or a soft washcloth. “You don’t want a cleanser that must be wiped off, and involves you tugging at your face, which further breaks down the elastin fibers,” Paula noted.  

“I am loving how my skin looks after using Paula’s Choice toner and exfoliant for six weeks.” – Geri

◉     GENTLE TONER: This lays down a layer of antioxidants, anti-inflammatories and hydrating ingredients that aging skin needs to preserve and reinforce its barrier, help reduce the appearance of wrinkles, increase firmness and improve uneven skin tone. “It’s like a liquid moisturizer, especially during the hot months, when you’d prefer something light,” Paula said.  It also removes the last traces of makeup. 

◉     LEAVE-ON EXFOLIANT:  A gentle, leave-on exfoliant is essential for removing built-up, dead skin cells that make skin look and feel dull, uneven and rough. It helps stimulate the process of skin cell regeneration that has been slowed down by sun damage and age.

            Exfoliant formulated with water-soluble alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) works only on the skin’s surface to slough away dry, dead skin so that new, more evenly pigmented cells can form and make the skin smoother. AHA is preferred by those with normal/dry skin with sun damage.  It’s a great option for diminishing the look of lines and wrinkles, improving the look of dull uneven skin, and enhancing natural moisturizing factors in skin.

            Exfoliant with oil-soluble beta hydroxy acid (BHA) works on the skin’s surface and deep inside the pores to slough away dead skin cells and relieve pore congestion. BHA is preferred by those with oily/combo skin that’s prone to bumps, clogged pores, rosacea-related redness and sun damage. 

     DAYTIME MOISTURIZER WITH SUN PROTECTION AND ANTIOXIDANTS: This may be the last product to apply, but it’s absolutely not least in terms of protecting our skin. We must be “religiously obsessive” about using moisturizer with sunscreen “every single day, inside and out,” Paula emphasized. “It should be like brushing your teeth.  I can’t say it enough!” Insert video of me using this product with this caption: 

“Broad spectrum sunscreen and gentle exfoliation are the steps missing from most women’s routines, and unless you use both, you won’t get maximum results,” Deborah explained.  An exfoliant will help make your skin brighter and clearer, but if you don’t also apply sunscreen every day, you’ll help diminish all the good you’re doing for it.

It would be nice if one skincare product really, truly did it all, but different concerns demand different formulas. Paula’s Choice has created the absolute best treatment products for every woman’s skin. Start treating your skin to them. Pronto!

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