Holiday Glitter Belongs On The Tree, Not On Your Face

Start your skincare prep about four weeks before the big event

If you begin a skincare regime now your face will look lots better by December 25th. Think in terms of removing the dead skin cells and plumping the tissues. Gentle exfoliation, followed by a deep cleanse and a moisture mask, will bring some lovely new fresh skin cells to the surface.  Go through this process two to three times a week for four weeks and your skin will be glowing, smooth and a perfect canvas for your makeup.

Plan what you’ll wear on your face, as well as on your body!

Don’t be tempted to dig out that old red lippie from the dark recesses of your makeup bag, and hope for the best! When you received that special invitation, you most likely thought about what you’re going to wear. Give as much consideration to the makeup that complements your outfit!

Try something new but make sure to practice beforehand

I really enjoy experimenting with different makeup looks, and I seem to learn something new every week. It’s easiest to play around with eye makeup. Try 3 different shades of the same colour; for example, apply Cocoa Shade on the lash line, Cream Eye Shade on the lids, and Taupe Eye Shade for the socket line. Blend really well with a clean shadow blending brush 7.

Decide once and for all if you’re warm or cool toned

Once you do, you will never again choose a bad lip colour! Remember, warm-toned people have a yellow undertone to their skin, so they should look for nude/orange/coral/browny-orange/orangey-red colours, which will make them look gorgeous. See our video here.

Pale pink/plummy pink/berry reds and strong vibrant pinks look amazing on cool-toned women, who have a blue undertone to their skin. See our video here.

Add subtle shine and shimmer, not gold and glitter

Using a highlighter on the top of the cheekbones and the brow bones will catch the light and create a very pretty look. Our Silver Mist and Soft Moss Lid Colour will add flattering shimmer. A dab of Lip Gloss on top of your lipstick will make your lips look plumper and more luscious, but don’t be tempted to load it on.

Relax while getting ready

The worst possible way to prepare for a special party is to first wash your hair in a nice hot shower, use the hairdryer, then slap on your makeup because you’re running out of time. Is it any wonder that your hot flushed skin doesn’t look so great? Leave plenty of time to get ready. Allow your face to cool down and dry out from all that steam in the bathroom, then apply your makeup.

You CAN stay looking good despite heat, alcohol flushing and wild dancing!

Besides taking tips 1 through 6, make sure to apply faceeye and lip primers, which will keep your makeup in place during holiday festivities. One customer told me that her LFF makeup performed brilliantly during her daughter’s wedding in the heat of Dubai. We love testimonials like that!

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