I’m With Vogue: This IS A “Game-Changing” Beauty Product You Must Have

It works! It really, really works!

IT is a little device, called the JeNu Ultrasonic Infuser System, that helps the skin care products I’ve been using to absorb into my skin, rather than sit on top, so they can really, really work. I started using JeNu seven months ago, and now I’m also using Erasa XEP 30 for my skin, a highly effective new product. My before-and-after photos speak for themselves. I call the results pretty dramatic, working wonders on the areas of my face that most irritated me: My crows feet, under-eye droopiness, and nasolabial folds (those two lovely lines that run from beneath my nose, on both sides, to my lips.) Although everything hasn’t totally disappeared, the wrinkles and lines are far less pronounced, after only a couple of weeks!

Absorption: The secret behind the ‘magic wand’

The Erasa undoubtedly is playing a part in the improved appearance of my skin. For now, I’d like to concentrate on why I believe JeNu is a must-have in the beauty routine of every woman over 45 (or the age when your estrogen level starts to diminish, and you suddenly see wrinkles, not to mention looser, drier and thinner skin).

First off, no matter how many “active” ingredients go into creating our serums, moisturizers and creams, and no matter how much the products cost, the majority of them are not absorbed quick enough into the skin to live up to their promises to abolish crows feet, fine lines, and more. The vast majority of them just sit on our skin’s surface, before evaporating into thin air, and while we may see some improvement, it’s invariably short term. In fact, the primary function of the skin is to act as a barrier that prevents the intrusion of external materials, so it’s not easy for cosmetic companies to develop formulations that actually can be absorbed into the skin to deliver all the benefits we expect.

No pain! Plenty of gain!

Enter JeNu, which was designed to use ultrasound energy to increase the rate, by six times, at which our skin absorbs the ingredients in our skin care products, so they’ll perform better and faster.

JeNu was named by VOGUE magazine as a top game-changing product to own, and just got a rave review in FORBES magazine from Sarah Boyd, a highly respected beauty expert. “Overall, the JeNu Infuser just does a better job of pushing product into the skin than any consumer can do with her hands,” Sarah wrote.   It’s no wonder the raves keep coming! JeNu is SAFE, gentle, convenient (can be used right at home), and a cinch to use. Unlike having a dermatologist perform a costly, and often painful, chemical peel or micro-needling procedure to prepare your skin to properly absorb products, JeNu is a fraction of the cost, and painless.

Real women. Real results!

Here’s how it works: First, I apply my skin care product, as usual. Then I put a pearl-size drop of their exclusive “conducting gel” (packed with the device and also the key to making your skincare products absorb 3 times more) onto the smooth metal head of the JeNu, turn it on and run the small, sleek wand over a section of my face, a minute at a time. The ultrasound energy transfers through special microspheres (hollow miniscule spheres of protein) in the gel, giving my products a “push” and helping my skin to absorb them more completely. Now the products have a chance to really do what the manufacturers’ promise, instead of simply evaporating on top of my skin after I’ve applied them with my fingertips. They can travel where they need to, and do things like stimulate collagen, which keeps our skin tight and youthful.

There have been 7 different studies in which hundreds of women have tested out the device, its manufacturer says. Time after time, JeNu has been shown to be safe, as well as effective, with 100% more women reporting softer, smoother skin, decreased fine lines and wrinkles, and a brighter, more radiant complexion when using a leading anti-aging serum with the JeNu Infuser versus alone.

My own little study proved what a little miracle worker it is. If your results are anything like mine, JeNu will become your “magic wand”, too!

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0 Responses to “I’m With Vogue: This IS A “Game-Changing” Beauty Product You Must Have”

  1. J. Hall says:

    I don’t believe it, wouldn’t use it on a bet! Read what this is saying and think about it for a moment. Do you believe a product could be “pushed” into the skin? If you do, how long do you think the results would last? An hour? A day? I have a friend who tried a light fraxel and the way her face looked for weeks after she had it done was terrible. After the fraxel damage has healed, her “aging” skin was far more lovely than what she has now. The photos are retouched to make the results this company claims look true. There’s that cliche’ we all know and we find it to be true time after time after time, “If it seems to good to be true…”

  2. god's gift to the world says:

    I have found value in the Fraxel laser. I’ve had a mid range Fraxel, and I positively glow after a treatment. In fact a male coworker even complimented my complexion after I had it done.

  3. Shereen Timmerman says:

    Does anyone know how many MHz this is?

  4. Gayle Heyl says:

    I have another brand of this and I believe it does improve the absorption of products. If you buy wrinkle cream you might as well get the optimal benefit. I don’t believe it will reduce the nasolabial fold or the structure of your face. I agree all that changed above was the lighting.

  5. Iris Bieri says:

    The only thing that’s different in the before and after is the lighting.

    • Katarina says:

      Agreed. Aging sucks, especially for women. Men’s aging faces can partly be covered by nice-looking beards. Plus, I think men turning grey are still attractive. I’m not saying that men don’t have issues with aging. The insides of our bodies count even more than the outside, but cosmetically women tend to care more about their appearance. This is nothing short of a magic wand that had no real powers and just drains our pocketbooks more.

      • Judy says:

        I don’t see a change either. Why can’t we just recognize that we are all getting older & the alternative really sucks! I don’t like how I look when I wake up but with well applied ( not expensive stuff) makeup, and well chosen clothes one can hide a multitude of sins! Remember, those people in magazines have used makeup, hairstylists, & a LOT OF AIRBRUSHING! No one at 60 or 70 looks like we did at 20 & most of us complained about our looks back then. Let’s just be happy.

        • karen Johnson says:

          We are supposed to look and be sexy until the day we die. Men run the world and expect us to look 25 forever. If we actually look our age, we are ostracized from employment, marriages, etc. It’s sad, but true. Our husbands find young women willing to have sex with them when we are suffering through menopause and all the negative symptoms that go with it.

    • Barb M. McCarthy says:

      Yes, and also notice the hair style was changed/improved.

  6. Lola says:

    I don’t see any change

  7. Kathleen Waterbury says:

    Let me know when they have things (including serums) for the poorer seniors. I have no doubt it works and will add it to my list. Diabetes really creates skin problems. I could use this.

    • Susan Dennison says:

      Best thing I’ve every done for my face is put oil on it after cleansing. I use a pricey oil in the morning because I like the way it smells, but at night I use jojoba oil, nothing fancy, although I do like things as “unmodified” as possible. A woman who did a facial on me said her mom puts olive oil on her skin. It’s all about moisture when you get older and oils absorb better than creams. I do use a serum and have found some great and inexpensive ones at Target and Walgreens. I turn 60 next year and the only thing I hate about aging is the joint pain and I don’t have the energy I use to.

  8. Sandra Leigh Besirovic says:

    I have had trouble with my horomons and my skin changing, I am anxious to try this product!!

    • Barb M. McCarthy says:

      You’re beautiful! Remember, lighting, etc. have affected the photos you see here for the product. Your skin is lovely…I don’t think you need this product, if you don’t mind my opinion.


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