{FOF Featured Blog} Concrete Jungle

FOF Heather Chapple has a Thai for design. Twelve years ago the Canadian interior designer uprooted her husband and her children from their home in Southern France and moved to Phuket, Thailand, where Heather felt her kids could get a better education.

“Finding a home that would accommodate our heights and our giant container of goods was a challenge,” Heather said in an interview with Phuket Tatler Magazine. “So I realized from the outset that I would have to build a house to accommodate our family and collection of paintings, books and furnishings.”

From the ground up and the inside out, Heather designed her “Oasis” according to the design principles of her favorite French architect, Le Corbusier. She also made unique use of polished concrete throughout the home, hence her blog’s name, Concrete Jungle.

“The island and area is full of fabulous, original and interesting design ideas,” writes Heather. From instructions on how to use polished concrete in decorating, to musings on tropical living, to a post that translates the colors of Thailand to real rooms anywhere, Concrete Jungle has truly caught our Thai…er…eye.

{FOF Featured Blog} Traveling with MJ

We wish we could stowaway in Mary Jo Manzanares suitcase. We can’t, so we will settle for the next best thing–reading her worldly, witty blog, Traveling with MJ. There’s no FOF better suited to author a travel blog; MJ is a flight attendant as well as an editor for PlanetEye Traveler. Her blog is filled with insider tips for painless travel, personal anecdotes and things you probably should know about traveling but don’t. For instance…Do you know what “glamping” is? MJ explains here.  Or, what’s the most important thing you should pack in your suitcase? “A copy of your itinerary, along with your name, address, home phone, cell phone, and email,” writes MJ. “This is one more way to help the airlines find you if you are separated from your bag.” Seems obvious but… would you have remembered to do it?

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Images via Traveling with MJ

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{FOF Featured Blog} Atlantis Home

Too often, do-it-yourself fashion ends up looking just like, well, exactly that. Not the DIY projects from Atlantis Home, a blog by style maven Judy Aldridge. The result of her handiwork is always more couture than craft. Case in point: This stunning refurbed antique graffiti chair (below left) and killer patchwork jeans (right).

Don’t miss our fave DIY projects from Judy’s blog: a fab felted patchwork scarf and vest, a stunning pastel jacket with loop trim and fun sparkly photo ornaments

{FOF Featured Blog} Une femme d’un certain age

Bookmark this! FOF Susan Blakey’s blog, Une femme d’un certain age, is fab reading: snarky, stylish, a little vintage, a little French, and very FOF. Each day, Susan posts her new fashion picks, musings and inspirations.

“How old is ‘too old’ to enjoy a fling with a current trend, or get a tattoo, or dress in mid-century vintage head-to-toe?” mused Susan on her blog just last week.
Her conclusion? “If an item sings to you (and fits), chances are you’ll feel and look fabulous wearing it. Let’s retire some of those tired old tropes about what’s ‘age appropriate’ and rewrite the rules to suit ourselves.”

Right on, Susan! Read more from her blog here: http://www.unefemme.net/

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Images via Une femme d’un certain age