{FOF Guru Book Review} Hotel Vendôme–will this book Steel your heart?

Every book that FOF Danielle Steel has ever written has been a New York Times bestseller, including her latest novel, Hotel Vendôme (Random House Publishing Group, November 2011). It follows an ambitious man as he transforms a shabby Manhattan inn into a luxurious, five-star hotel. His seemingly perfect life comes to a halt when his wife, Miriam, takes off with a rock star, leaving him to raise their 4-year-old daughter, Heloise. Is this Eloise for grown ups? Not quite… But, Kirkus Reviews says the novel will “appeal to the most dedicated of Steel’s fans,” although many readers say it falls flat. “It seems Steel has run out of story lines,” says one Amazon.com reviewer. “44 Charleston Street, about a single woman who opens her home to boarders, was disappointing as well. Now we have a hotel. What’s next, an apartment complex?”

Does FOF Book Guru Barbara Phelps agree? Did Hotel Vendôme make her want to check in or out?

Did you enjoy this book?
Three quarters of it. The description made me feel like I was owning and running a grand hotel. I could feel the passion of the owner and I was gripped by the things that he and his daughter experienced. However, the plot became a runaway carriage ride–rampant changes of scene, many emotions running high…I wanted to slow it down!

Was it a page-turner or did you have to push through it?
It was a page turner and really had me wound up in their lives and emotions.

What would you want to ask the author, now that you’re done reading?
I would ask Ms. Steel why she felt the need to try to cram so much into the last quarter of the book.

Would you recommend this to other FOFs?
I would recommend it to other FOFs–to both those who love Danielle Steel and those new to her. It was a bit different from her average plot lines.

If you had to classify this book would you call it a “must read” a “pass” or a “skim it” book?
A must-read. I did find it flying by as I read it and was excited to get back to it each day.

One FOF will win a copy of The Intolerable Gourmet cookbook to review. By entering this contest you are agreeing to read and submit a written review of this book to FabOverFifty and to send a photo of yourself to accompany the published story.

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  4. FabulousMimi says:

    I did read and review this book. I was very informative and had some great recipes. I will share this with my daughter-in-law who suffers with Celiac disease. Hopefully she will find some recipes that she will enjoy!

  5. djhnkl@aol.com says:

    My 21 year old granddaughter recently moved in with me and I found that she is gluten intolerant. I do not know what to feed the poor child. I need help in being able to have something nutritious for her when she gets in from work. Neither my husband or I are gluten intolerant so it would be good if these foods taste good enough that we can also eat them so that I do not have to cook two different meals. I think this book might be the blessing I need.

  6. sculptorchick says:

    When I turned 40 all my food choices had to change! Dairy bloated my belly and wheat increased water weight as my body fought hard to get rid of these toxins. I experimented to find what foods worked, observed and noted. Now at 54 I do not eat wheat or gluten and stay away from most things white, most of the time.

    The Intolerant Gourmet will be a blessing to me! It would be an honor to read and write a review on food choices that are dear to my heart.

    Thank you!

    • Bartosz says:

      I’m sorta surprised that a Robin Cook book is relbdaae in school. Against my better judgement, that one actually sounds interesting. But I can’t touch it cause then I’d never, ever eat again.I loooooooooooooooove the Princess Bride so much. I gotta remember to read that again soon. Too many books to choose from!

  7. dbande7th says:

    Would love to review this book. I have lots of cookbooks but not for these particular dietary restrictions. I love to cook for my family and friends and this would broaden my choices of what to make for those with special diets.


  8. fabulous mimi says:

    I’d love to win and review the Intolerant Gourmet because I have family members with special dietary needs and it is a challenge to cook for them. I am trying to learn all I can so that I can prepare the proper meals when they visit.


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