Want to review books for FOF?


Calling all bibliophiles. The books are stacking up at the FOF offices and we are looking for smart, insightful FOFs to read and review them!

Here’s how it works: Apply to be an FOF book guru, here. If selected, we’ll contact you about what books we have in stock and send you books periodically. Write us a fabulous review within one month of receiving the book, and we’ll publish it and send you your next book!

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19 Responses to “Want to review books for FOF?”

  1. sussexr says:

    I read all the time, and have a book club with good friends. I would love to review books for FOF and then critique new books.

  2. Sherri Rodgers says:

    I love to read. I think I have a pretty clear mind when it comes to a variety of books. I don’t have just one style of book in enjoy and I had several friend that use to get together and review the books we read. Great way to share opinions and get others views on the same book can give you a completely different view of the same contents. I can’t meet with them anymore we try to share on the phone just not the same. This would be a great way to share and also getnothers views. Thank you for considering me.

  3. sharon says:

    I read a book a week and am always looking for new authors I might like sooooo reviewing books for you would be GREAT.

    • Neiza says:

      Interesting comparison beewetn my book, The Extra One Per Cent and Robert Green’s book The 48 Rules of Power’. I agree that the two approaches are very different. I’m not saying that successful people can’t succeed by being manipulative in their work. Many manipulative people do VERY well by being manipulative and Machiavellian in their approach. However, in my interviews, I found that a significant number of people succeeded by being respectful, empathetic and by thinking about other people.So we have two different approaches to life. Coincidentally written by two authors both named Robert (although I go by Rob’). Both approaches can be successful. The question for readers is: which route will you be glad to have taken when you’re 80 or 90 years of age and are looking back on your life?

  4. SGAwalkv says:

    I would truly enjoy the opportunity to review books for FOF. I love to read, and always have one or two books that I’m reading. (usually one upstairs and one down!). I work a lot and have other commitments so I don’t belong to a book club and miss dissecting a story with others. I’m not an English teacher nor do I work in the writing field, but I usually have no trouble expressing my thoughts cohesively. I’m a bit task oriented and knowing that I had to write a review would allow me the time to linger a bit over a story, analyze the plot, how I felt about it all and the way it was written. What fun!

  5. JunieB says:

    I love smart, funny books like the shopaholic series. I am a busy mom & have to admit I want a book to entertain me or sometimes make me cry! Here on Earth by Alice Hoffman is one of my all time fav’s as is One More Day by Mitch Albom. Very mainstream I know !!

  6. CarolMcJ says:

    Please let me review books for FOF! I love to read – actually I’m a serious bookaholic! We actually rent storage space to try to control my collection. I work 12 hour days, but I still find time to read every day, and would love to review books for FOF!

  7. dbo says:

    wow to review books for you would be like chocolate cake every day ! i read anything i can “get my hands on “, after Katrina all my cousins cleared their book shelves for me to stay alive in my FEMA trailer. I’ve been a non-stop reader since I picked-up my Mothers B twins, Nancey Drew books.

  8. Kathy Bodenhamer Bryan says:

    I would love to read books for FOF. I do not work ,I am homebound and I read a lot- I read all kinds of books and are interested in many things. I have the time to read and like I said I do enjoy many different topics-I think I can review any book with an open mind.

  9. Murphy says:

    I would love to review books for FOF. I belong to a book club and attend a weekend getaway book discussion in Northern Minnesota every year. I am always looking for new and interesting books to read and often get ideas from my children. Thanks for considering me.

  10. veritas2011 says:

    I have done reader reviews for Redbook and for Elle magazine. I have been reading since I was 3 – so 50 years! I always have a book with me – that is why I carry a large purse! (I am saving up for a Kindle – maybe I will get one for Christmas!) The only thing I like better than reading, is writing. Please give me a chance – I will NOT disappoint!

  11. Beverly Young says:

    I am an avid reader. I read about 4 books a week and listen to books on tape while doing housework and while driving. I love biographies, mysteries, historical, fashion, crafts, home decorating, sewing, vintage anything, flea mkt do-overs and etc.
    It would really be a thrill to be able to review books for FOF

  12. Terri Kirby Erickson says:

    Actually, I’d love if it someone at FAB would review my latest poetry collection, In the Palms of Angels, published by the terrific Press 53! (www.press53.com)

  13. happycatt says:

    I love to read. I would love to do this.

  14. freda says:

    Oh, my favorite subject, reading! I love reading and enjoy discussing the books I read with others. I want eveyone to enjoy them as much as I do. I belong to a book club and enjoy listening to other people tell what they understood the book to say. Sometimes, it’s many different things. I would love to be a book reviewer! Pick me!!

  15. Prudence Taylor says:

    I would love to be a FOF book guru. Iam a 47 year old Arican-American mother of two and I have been an avid reader all my life. Also, reading is something I have had the pleasure of passing on to my kids.I was very active in a book club before relocating to my current hometown. I enjoy recommending books to friends and other book clubs. I enjoy all genres of books but my favorite is probably historical fiction because I love to mentally be transported to a different time and place. Some of my favorites books in this genre are Pope Joan, The Red Tent, The Kitchen Boy and Year of Wonders. I hope I am chosen so I can have the opportunity to read a variety of works by different writers whose work I may not have had the chance to come across. Thanks

  16. Linda Meyer says:

    I would love to review books for FOF. I have always been a reader, and have just joined a book discussion gtroup at the library (finally!). I read anything, but aI prefer fictiona and occasional biographies. I am cuurently reading Barbara Kingsolver’s Animal, Vegetable, or Miracle, and loving her style.

  17. Margarida says:

    Yes I would like to review books. I am an English teacher, have a Masters of Education in Reading and will publish my first cowritten book in 2012.

  18. janet says:

    I would love to review books for FOF. I read a book a week and would like to share my opinion. I read for pure enjoyment and people in my crowd of friends aren’t interested in my taste in literature–usually haven’t heard of them. My favorite author is Tom Robbins, wish there was more out there by him!!! Next James D. Doss Shaman mysteries. Yes mysteries are my favorite. Kathy Reichs for forensic mysteries (I’m in a medical field.) Then anythinq quirky–Wambaugh was my first and then there was no turning back! I’ve been reading G.M. Ford, Harlan Coben, Elaine Viets, Tim Dorsey, and Michael McClelland lately. Then the required reading my highschool children are reading “The Scarlet letter” and “Arrowsmith.” I will read most anything. Hope to be able to review for you.


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