36 Reasons To Give Mantra Buttons

Betsy Karp, who calls herself The Colour Coach, says she can help you start transforming your life today. Through the simple use of color, she will give you the tools that teach you how to shift your energy, attitude and perspective. A former artist, textile and fashion designer, Betsy is now a certified health and wellness counselor. She helps women–mind, body and soul–to “paint the picture” of their lives. Read more of our interview with Betsy.

“Mini mantras are your daily dose of self love,” says Betsy. “They are a fun, playful way to connect to those around you. Use them to feel empowered, positive and focused. Let them define who you want to be.” We couldn’t stop thinking of reasons to gift them! Here are 36 fun, serious, heartfelt, friendly and clever reasons to give a mini mantra button to someone or to wear one yourself!

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The Courage Button

1. To your sister or best friend when she’s thinking of starting her own business.
2. To yourself when you’re about to tell your best friend that you’re moving out of town.
3. To your daughter after her breakup.
4. To your mom before an operation.
5. To your nervous colleague, who is about to take her first plane ride.

The Purpose Button

1. To your daughter-in-law, who strongly believes in the fight for gay marriage.
2. To your daughter, who was just accepted into grad school to become a psychologist.
3. To your cousin, who is determined to get into politics.
4. To yourself for your ability to be financially self-sufficient.
5. To your best friend, who is going back to work after being a mom for 20 years.

The Passion Button

1. To your best friend, right before her wedding day.
2. To your boss, who loves what she does.
3. To your employee(s), who love what they do.
4. To your daughter, who strongly believes in the war on poverty.
5. To yourself for the way you live every day.

The Abundance Button

1. To your daughter-in-law, who just got a hefty raise.
2. To your daughter, who is having twins.
3. To your sister-in-law, who planted a vegetable garden for the first time.
4. To your hostess on Thanksgiving Day.
5. To yourself, to celebrate your blessings.

The Laughter Button

1. To your too-serious friend.
2. To your friend with a great sense of humor.
3. To your niece who just came out of surgery with a clean bill of health.
4. To anyone who needs to laugh.
5. To yourself for not taking yourself too seriously.

The Love Button

1. To your daughter.
2. To your best friend.
3. To your niece.
4. To your favorite doctor.
5. To your mother.

The Clarity Button

1. To your best friend, who has to make a tough decision about divorcing.
2. To your daughter-in-law, who isn’t sure which job to accept.
3. To your daughter, who is conflicted about returning to work after becoming a mother.
4. To yourself, when everything seems like it’s in chaos around you.
5. To your colleague, when she’s worrying about a big presentation she’s got to put together.

A Card of All Seven Buttons

To all the favorite people in your life.

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