{Giveaway} An Eye-Opening, Mind-Expanding Session With A Professional Life Coach!

Imagine talking to a complete stranger, who helps you figure out—in about an hour—where you should start taking your life next.

Before your conversation, you felt “stuck.” Maybe you were uneasy about your marriage, or your job, but afraid to face it. So you did nothing and your anxiety just kept intensifying. The stranger helped you ease your fears and see the outstanding possibilities for your future.

The “stranger” actually is a life coach, who can challenge you with new ideas and action plans and helps you make positive changes in your life. The best coaches are magnificent sounding boards, and unlike our sisters and best friends, they don’t come to the conversation with preconceived notions about us.

Tell us why you think you’d benefit from a chat with a coach and you could be one of 15 lucky FOFs to win a free session.

We’ll pair you with one of 15 coaches, many of whom are certified by CTI, the country’s premier coach-training institute.

You don’t even need to leave your living room since your session will be online.

To enter to win,
comment below by answering this question:
Why would I benefit from chatting with a life coach?

15 FOFs will win. (See official rules, here.) Contest closes April 2, 2014 at midnight E.S.T. Contest limited to residents of the continental U.S.

0 Responses to “{Giveaway} An Eye-Opening, Mind-Expanding Session With A Professional Life Coach!”

  1. Sue Miller says:

    I just relocated from my home of 22 years to live closer to my daughter and I’m trying to figure out what to do with the rest of my life!!

    • Robert says:

      Why?!?! You should be living you life and your daughter should be living hers…. If she is an adult let her be an adult. Don’t be a stalker. You will push her away… I promise you!

  2. Ms. Vonnetta says:

    A few years away from retirement in theory. Not happy in my job but feel it’s probably best to stick it out rather than lose retirement benefits. Financially comfortable and have tried to plan and invest well for the future, but who knows what’s ever enough? I feel like I should be doing “something” different but don’t know what or how to stay motivated to start down a new path.

  3. Mary Riddle says:

    Would love to work with a life coach! 50, raising 3 girls (8,9 and 11). Two of them
    have special needs. I am incredibly lucky to have a great husband whom my girls adore.
    I also work full-time in health care, my husband in telecommunications.
    Our dilemma: how to keep energy level high in our fifties and what direction to take
    in my career. Our 2 younger girls will not be able to live on their own, so looking for options
    to keep a steady income for as long as possible.

  4. Renee says:

    I could use a change in my life. I have no idea where my job is going. For the past three years haven’t been sure if I will have a job from one minute to the next. Have 3 children left in the house out of 11. Foster parent of 4 at the present time but not going well. Been a foster parent for 8 years and with each new one that comes into our home life gets more miserable. I think it’s time we give that up also. I have been looking into making changes but not sure which way to go. A Life Coach would be great to talk too.

  5. Maureen says:

    I am exactly there now. I am unemployed and I am afraid to even look for a job at this point. I am going through a divorce and I need a job desperately. I applied on-line for many jobs and now I need to go out to places and apply. I am very anxious right now about my future. I feel my skills are no longer needed. I’m not in a very good place right now.

  6. Peggy says:

    I would love to speak with a life coach! I am in my mid 50’s; at a job for 15 years that no longer feels interesting or motivating. Passed on an opportunity to take a severance package (offered company-wide; company is having some financial problems) and instantly regretted it. I was afraid to the take the risk of being unemployed. Feel like I should be doing something else with my life. Empty nester; married. Help!

  7. Sherri says:

    A Life Coach sounds like a wonderful idea. Sometimes I think I think too much “inside the box” and there are so many possibilities for me out there somewhere that are yet to be discovered but as of yet are “hidden.” I think an outsider’s perspective could work wonders for me.

  8. Jan says:

    One of my friends has greatly benefited from her work with a life coach, who asked critical questions that prompted a lot of soul searching. I need some help myself. I’ve had a lot of jobs in my life, but most were just that: jobs. I want to finally do something that I feel passionate about, regardless of salary, and feel as though I’m making a worthwhile contribution in this world. Life is too short to do otherwise.

  9. janet says:

    my youngest daughter is graduating from high school this spring and I will have lots of time on my hands–lots of choices of what to do with that time! I want to make that time count–don’t want to waste it. Would love to have some direction to make the time fulfilling!

  10. El says:

    I’ve been there as a coach and cheerleader for everyone else and will continue to do so but now I need someone to be my coach! I need to make this next phase of my life be all it can be. Each day is a gift but I need the guidance and insights that a coach will provide so I can unwrap something wonderful. Ready, set, go!

  11. Carolyn says:

    Currently at the crossroads. Ready to take every area of my life in a new direction with no regrets. This type of coaching isn’t readily available in my area. Ready, set, go. All in.

  12. Isabel M says:

    lost soul . Empty nester ready to move on in a new career or job but not sure where or how?

  13. Gail Anderson says:

    This timing is perfect and truly FABULOUS!!! I was recently widowed unexpectedly in November after a stifling 32 years marraige. I have spent the last several months getting my life if order – which has been somewhat difficult after finding that my husband did not do what he said he had done – there was no life insurance policy and no big savings account to help me in my later years – and now my income has been cut by 2/3!

    I refuse to be angry or bitter. Life is too short to hold a grudge and I will refuse to let the past 32 years ruin the LAST 32 years of my life.

    I have been an admin assistant for 17 years (32 hours a week) at our local hospital and make a decent wage for an administrative assistant and I have good benefits. I love to paint and to quilt and have always hoped to expand in that area! I love dogs and have thought I should tu rn my home into a doggy away from home B & B! I NEED A LIFESTYLE COACH!!!

  14. Katie says:

    So I can move forward and not stand in my own way

  15. linda lukich says:

    I am 56. I made a decision to go to hairdressing school at 14 because my girlfriend told me there were cute guys in the technical high school. 42 years later I am still a hairdresser, and not even a great one. In my thirties I started having panic attacks and ocd. Sometimes I cannot even concentrate. I am obsessed with cutting my hair myself to make it exactly the same on both sides, something which is impossible. My marriage has endured 34 years, at least 25 of them to be extremely trying at best. Now when my life is calmer and I should be enjoying it I cannot get it together. I have tried counseling, both marriage and individual and recently contacted hypnotists is desperation to enjoy life. Maybe a life coach is the answer.

  16. cyndy mitchell says:

    I’m 63 years old. I lost my previous job a year ago and getting discouraged in my job search. I only need a part-time position, but having no luck finding anything, and I thought it would be easier. My home life is great, husband still working.

    I need help redirecting my search, i.e., improving search skills, and finding what would work for me. Perhaps I am looking in the wrong places. I also have my own jewelry making business from home. Had hoped I could make a living on that, but its not happening yet.

    I think a Life Coach could make me see that I have other options and open up my mind to other possibilities.

  17. Cindy Steele says:

    After 28 years of marriage I divorced my husband when he wasn’t there for me when my mother died. It was the last time he disappointed me. We are on a friendly basis.

    I feel mostly happy. I will retire in 2 years and likely move to be closer to my father.

    I think I would benefit a life coach because you don’t know what you don’t know.

  18. Pammie says:

    I need to be challenged by the out-of-the-box experience you describe! I am 62, have worked for 35 years at the same (good) job, have some meaningful relationship in and out of work, but my life has become humdrum! I am thinking of retiring in the next few years and although I have interests, but need to develop a passionate one! Please help by choosing me to have a session with a Life Coach!!!

  19. Padma Narasimhan says:

    I raised my son as a single parent, & looked after my ailing mother brought my siblings & their families & supported them until they became self sufficient. My son got married, my mom moved in with my brother & I finally retired but I want to renter the orkforce to supplement my income & feel needed, otherwise I will just fade away. But I have also developed some health issues. Part of my family wants me to make health my priority & not work. I am in conflict & will benefit from a life coach.

  20. Shar says:

    I would benefit from a life coach since I am at a crossroads with no idea where to turn. In my mid fifties now, I have left my long term job (and my retirement plan) due to two separate cancer diagnoses. I am not currently battling cancer but I suffer from a lack of energy and enthusiasm for life. I still need to work for financial reasons and I have recently taken an uninteresting, aggravating, dead-ended low paying job. I am considering going overseas to work simply to add to my life something new and hopefully interesting. I do not know if I have the energy for this as I would be going out alone and my family (husband and grown children) would remain in the USA. I really am just tired of work but cannot afford to quit. I need to find some way to make myself happy, engaged and glad to be alive! I am in need of a coach!

  21. Pamela Koh says:

    After being widowed almost 6 years ago at the age of 48, I feel totally stuck. I am merely existing, not living, in my current situation. I go to work and come home. Never have dates, don’t have too many friends to go places with. Work is frustrating as younger boss doesn’t like or appreciate my experience. Should I move to NC where my son is attending grad school? Should I change jobs? Should I throw myself in front of a train? I need some direction……A session with a life coach would be a lifesaver for me – literally!!!

  22. PJ says:

    My husband and I were in a high stress, dead end job. My health suffered greatly from it. Our marriage was in serious trouble. We changed jobs and moved to another state, hoping this would be the answer. It wasn’t. My husband is going through a mid-life-crisis. His mid-life, my crisis. I feel like my options are running out. I’ll be 50 years old this year. I moved away from my family. I don’t know what to do. I just feel lost!

  23. Victoria says:

    I would love to talk to a coach, since I am feeling uneasy about several aspects of my life, mostly age-related changes. I am really not dealing well with the whole aging thing and all that goes with it. I have gotten really neurotic about my appearance and scared about health issues. I live in Los Angeles, and am surrounded by musicians and performing artists. I have a strong desire to do something musically but I am subjected to both real prejudices and internal constraints due to my age. So I am thinking it might be worthwhile to talk to someone about all of this, preferably someone who is negotiating the aging process with more ease and grace than I am.

  24. Valerie says:

    Why? Because I think I don’t need one.

  25. Bliss says:

    I have build a long term career in outside sales in corporate American and corporate American penalizes all of us that begin to hit our 40’s and up, which I find ludicrous with such knowledge we can bring, tenacity and loyalty to a company. Not to mention we are responsible, reliable, and dependable. I have sold many wonderful products but few were my essence or passion, the arts, linens, creativity. Though sales can be creative, quite fun and I represented highly cutting edge products and was blessed to work for great companies. Now, I would be lucky to be hired. I am alone, my support system is only me now. My immediate family is gone and old friends gone to new locations, new interest or we have grown in different directions. I have fears and yet been told how talented I am and wish to find the strength to start a small business in linens but I am scared as I find with someone to coach me in the back ground as I need a partner for feedback and reassure. I don’t understand this as I was tops in sales for others and make President’s Council Awards often, and now I am stuck, frozen in fear. I cry in fear it is so dive stating and no family, no loved ones, no partner, just me. I so need reassurance and to stop this self talk over and over in my head that I get no where. I know intellectually this isn’t good yet I am frozen and a personal coach could point patterns out to me and help me realize why and how, and where this came from to push me toward my dreams. I really have not had a support system of any sort but myself and that is not a bad thing to have myself, but I am tried and need help. Thank you for this opportunity to participate. I have lived thru battery of a husband, now divorced, another dream shattered, lost 2 of my children and was alone with not support, and I forge ahead. It is very sad this economy has affected so many souls in this country and globally that is why I must reinvent myself with my love for linen and yet I stay frozen to find my confidence and it puzzles me why?

  26. Shari Borders says:

    One daughter just got married, another will get married this fall, our son will start college this fall, and only one more child at home for a few more years. My husband and I have been married for 26 years and it is the time in life to take on new challenges! But what challenges?

  27. Barbara M. says:

    I’ve been a SAHM and homemaker for 20 years, and would really like to go back to school, either to work or to learn a new skill to do my own thing, and have no idea where to start. I don’t have the self-esteem I did when I was younger, where I believed I could do anything I wanted. I don’t have that belief anymore. 🙁

  28. Carla says:

    Wow, a life coach… exactly what I need right now! I have just turned 60, closed my business last year, have had three surgeries resulting from a freak accident, and am trying to reinvent myself! My husband of 25 years is working out of state and returns late Friday night and leaves Sunday afternoon. We own a 1800s home which is in dire need of a lot of work, and have accumulated an unbelievable amount of “stuff” that we need to part with. Our children are grown and off on their own. I start to clear out room by room and then freeze! It is just so overwhelming at this time. I could really use the encouragement and guidance of a professional coach, and I am open to criticism! Could I be so lucky?

  29. Zenaida says:

    I had a ventricular fibrillation and I almost died about 5 years ago. I am now disabled (with some mobility) and I am 25 pounds overweight. I have no drive and basically am not contributing to society. I would like to change that.

  30. Tammy says:

    I am a retired (56 years old) bank vice president who will be reentering the work force after
    6 years . While taking time off to raise my now almost 13 year old son,
    I have continued to be in contact with the work community through serving in
    numerous volunteer capacities. I will soon be heading back to work in a field
    not yet determined. My husband of 30 plus years relocated out of state 8 months ago and my
    son and I are trying to determine if we will follow or stay. I know that new adventures lie
    ahead of me but I could really use help in charting my direction. Thank you for your

  31. Carol Thesing says:

    I am a recent divorcee. After 32 years of marriage my life took a disasterous turn. I learned I was married to a gambling addict who financially destroyed me. At 55 I am starting at ground zero. Single, alone and in need of a life coach to jump start the second half of my life.

  32. Patricia Brown says:

    I believe I may need a life coach to speak with. I have been through a lot and still strive to be successful in whatever I am doing. I was once a model and now a fashion designer. I have worked very hard and my passion is strong but I don’t think I am successful as I would like to be. Keep meeting people who say they will help and turn around to be crooks. This is why I believe I need a Life Coach.

  33. Debbie W says:

    I have been wondering how I can get myself motivated. I am stuck in both my personal and professional life and need an objective person to get me unstuck! This is a fantastic opportunity to move forward!

  34. Rita K says:

    Feeling like I should be doing something, but don’t have a clue to what that might be! Kids are grown, have plenty of time on my hands, so it’s finally time for me. Problem is, after spending a lifetime of catering to the needs of family, I don’t know what’s best for me. Had never thought about a life coach to help me sort things out. Sounds like an intriguing and novel idea.

  35. Patti Kollar says:

    I am at that point in life where I am feeling a little “off kilter”. I am the owner of a small business, and trying to grow. However, life seems to keep throwing me curveballs. I used to be able to handle them with ease, however now it is becoming more difficult. I feel like I am in a “mental rut” as far as technology issues are concerned, and this is so very important to my business growth. Unfortunately, due to visual issues, it is very difficult for me to attend any educational classes, so I need more of a one-on-one approach. So this all comes back to the beginning – of not enough funds to hire a personal tutor, etc. So therefore, I have come full circle in my post here. I could use some life coaching, perhaps it would enlighten me to ideas that I have not thought of on my own.

  36. Punipuao says:

    Wow! My own life coach! What an intriguing idea! After going through a divorce in the last couple of years and suffering two strokes, I’m ready to move forward with my life.. Speaking with a coach will benefit me in so many ways. Where do I start? What should be my priorities now? What are my options as far as a source of income? Where and whom should I live with? So many questions that I would love to get some clarity on. I live in the same city as three of my kids and four grand kids. Thank you..

  37. Jordan says:

    I’ve decided to switch careers after 20+ years at my old job. I’m ready to start on a new path and could use some guidance along the way. Speaking with a coach would be perfect!


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