alexw SAID:

My 56th birthday is looming around the corner, which is making me feel ancient and I worry about everything that comes with aging when you are alone. Will I lose my job? Will someone ever fall in love with me again? It feels endless. How do I overcome these feelings?

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  1. Wendy Martens wrote on :

    I always believe that age is perception. The 50’s are a marvelous time of expanding and growth for a woman and should be celebrated and not fretted over. The most important thing is to remember to stay in the present moment, for that’s the only moment you have control over. I’m not sure who said it but, “Worrying is like praying for what you don’t want”, and I believe that!

    You can make a wonderful adjustment right here and now. Appreciating what you do have everyday is essential to happiness and to finding what you do want. Sending out love to the Universe will attract love right back. Who knows if you will lose your job, but do your best and be the greatest employee you can be–that’s all you can do if you really think about it.

    If you want to fall in love again, put yourself out there where the men are! Do you have a hobby or deep interest? Join clubs or meet-up groups where there are men that share the same love. Overcome your fear of feeling vulnerable by smiling and being pleasant to everyone around you–ask about them and be really interested. Tell all your friends that you are looking for a new relationship and do they know anyone?

    Take care of yourself. Do those little things that make you feel wonderful inside–a massage, volunteering, perhaps bright colors, a beautiful scarf, put on some make-up and a huge SMILE. You will feel happier and look happier, which is very attractive.

    Most of all, be yourself! You are a beautiful woman with so much to share and give. Get involved in life and try to stop worrying (that gives you frown lines) and live everyday to the fullest. Good luck and have a wonderful life.

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