dmnyes SAID:

I quit smoking 4 years ago and have I ever packed on the pounds. I need a program that doesn’t discourage me before I even start. Do you have any suggestions?

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  1. Wendy Martens wrote on :

    As you probably know, a lot of smokers gain weight after quitting, one because they use smoking in order not to eat and also because they miss having something satisfying in their mouth and turn to food. Congratulations by the way for quitting, you made a major change in your health and longevity. I am a Psychology of Eating Coach and Speaker and I really approach weight loss in a different way. I do not believe in diets–they are only something to be broken! I like working with each person individually since everyone has their desires, their likes and what works for their body. I would love to see you change your eating habits to healthy, whole foods that you really love. Sometimes it’s not just the food we’re eating, but when we are eating it! I mentor clients to become more aware of and love their bodies. Not that you have to like the way you look, but still loving who you are and working to become stronger can change your entire life around. You’ve got to love it to lose it. Saying all those horrible things in your head about your body, which you would never say to anyone else, puts you into your own little stress response, which just about eliminates any chance of weight loss. Please check out my website, and sign up for a Free 30-minute consultation–I would love to speak with you! Take care, Wendy

  2. Rosanne Leslie wrote on :

    This is not an easy question to answer in this format, but as a former smoker I can tell you that the problems are usually more to do with where we are emotionally. Why do we emotionally eat? Why do we smoke? What are we thinking about before we over eat or run for that cigarette? When we can tackle the emotions that set us for self-sabotage, then we won’t need a “program” per se, we will naturally take care of ourselves with proper eating habits and exercise… (good luck)

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