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I feel very hopeless and stuck! I was in a long (11 year) relationship that ended when he (50yrs.) met a 25 year old and after only one week of knowing each other, were found by me in our bed! He took everything included my car and left me with nothing…..obviously lots of details. I carried on but has been so hard….then my first grandchild was born and after three weeks was accidentally suffocated and amazingly survived but now has special needs and has ended up being raised by myself, and all by myself. I just feel like its never going to be about me or my time as I am always catering so much for others in my life. My family, especially my parents, have never been supportive in any way, always lavishing themselves my whole life and now that they are older they want my help, too! I try to see the good and appreciate what I have, which isnt much….but I cant help but see a dim future. I could use some inspiration as the very least! How can I become more positive nd hopeful about my day to day life as well as the future?

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  1. Mike Halsey wrote on :

    Your words jumped out at me and compelled me to respond immediately.

    First, please know that NOTHING in your history — and certainly not your future — makes “hopeless and stuck” a necessary or advisable place to stay. It simply does not have to be the way you spend the moments of your life.

    It seems you are already intuitively aware that your circumstances, as extraordinarily challenging as they have been, need not condemn you to anything less than fulfillment and happiness. This awareness is yet another sign of your demonstrated strength and wisdom, and reason for excitement about what great breakthroughs are at your disposal.

    I have not done this before, and do not expect it will become a regular habit. But I am asking that you contact me to set up a time to talk, even if for a single free sample session. E-mail or call any time; I genuinely believe it could be a very good thing.


  2. Amy Cohen wrote on :

    Hi Anonymous,
    I am so sorry you are struggling so. We are struck with traumas many times in our lives or emotionally moved to an uncomfortable place. It sounds like you are struggling with feeling stuck, hopeless, sadness and betrayal in your life right now. One burden after another. You are quite a woman handling all that you are, and although you are feeling so sad, I am impressed at all that you are handling-be proud of yourself. The most important task for you right now, so you can take care of your grandchild and parents, is to take care of yourself. As a Practitioner For Emotional Health Naturally, I am going to suggest some natural remedies, flower remedies, that will move you back into emotional balance and alignment. It will help you to gain strength and vitality in your ability to be caretaker and relieve the exhaustion and monotony, – Alpine Mint Bush (Australian Bush-order on line). I would also recommend you add Rescue Remedy (Bach) for the trauma of your marriage and grandchild. Gorse & Larch (Bach Flowers – from any health food store). These will help you to move forward, rather quickly, with hope, vitality, confidence. Your situation may not change, but how you look at it, and how you live your life will! It may take your future to new places, with renewed joy and new goals. You will be ok!

  3. Rosanne Leslie wrote on :

    Focus on today and not the future. The inspiration must come from you and that you find hope in your ability to recreate your life. As far as the man in your life? If you look closely and reflect on your 11 years, you will see signs of disloyalty hidden somewhere in the background of the relationship. Rather than me answer your question, ask yourself, “What kept the relationship viable? What did I love about him? What did he love about me? Did we really have a trusting and committed relationship? None of us really have a future, but how we perceive our day? That is all the future any of us will ever have…good luck. I hope you find your reason for some kind of happiness.

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