smfsprout SAID:

How do I learn to stop engaging in negative behaviors – such as over eating – and take control of myself. I can psych myself up for a little while, but the effort wears me out and I just slide right back into my old patterns.

2 Answers

  1. Rosanne Leslie wrote on :

    Keep practicing the positive steps to change, we fall down, we get up. Next time you think you are about to slide back into an old, negative pattern, ask yourself, “do I really want to do this?” Then pause, give yourself 45 minutes to think about the action and then see if you can talk yourself out of the negative action.

  2. Betsy Karp wrote on :

    Try and find something you love to do! Find something you are passionate about. Do you like to read, write, paint, create art? When we are busy and happy doing something we love, we get lost in time and focus on the present . When we are busy in our lives,doing something we love to do, our hunger for food dissipates. Maybe do some volunteer work, giving back helps to get us away from old and negative patterns. Try and get out for a walk, just by moving you create new energy and that is one of the best things to do….

    Also on another note, drink lots of water. I drink water with lemon squeezed into a large glass every morning and it really helps to suppress hunger and it is great for you… it alkalines your system… I hope this helps… Betsy Karp The Color Coach ,

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