msortet SAID:

I am such a serious person. No joking, no smiles, and all business. I hate that about myself. What can I do to lighten up a little?

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2 Answers

  1. Mike Halsey wrote on :

    Good news: You recognize this un-fun little habit! That means you aren’t completely identified with it, and can therefore choose to play with it in new ways when it pops up.

    I’m curious, is there a false little fear or judgement motivating this reflex? What is risked if you don’t keep such close tabs on all the “rightness” in the world? What are you defending against? What would it be like to have the core of that seriousness tickled by someone who is at least as brilliant, responsible, and well-intentioned as you are? If that utterly respected rescuer really hit the spot, what illusions would melt away in a fit of tearful laughter?

    This would be a great coaching topic that I suspect could yield some big life enhancing change.

    Homework suggestion: Go look in the mirror for five whole minutes, as seriously as you can. No smiling, no looking away, just staring right at the awesome mug. If there is 5, 10 or some other percentage of “all business” which is legit, what is it?

    Have fun–duh. 😀

  2. Betsy Karp wrote on :

    The best thing that I think you can do, is to start to laugh. Get an old, I love Lucy tape, watch something really funny and just crack up. It’s time to have fun. Maybe you should take a look at my mini mantras and put the laugh button by your computer, bedside or on your favorite sweater. See if that helps and the color yellow lifts you up !!! :))

    I hope this helps… Betsy Karp … The Colour Coach

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