How Much Are YOU Worth To The “Network”?

You think you’re a “fan” of FabOverFifty on the largest social networking site in the world, don’t you?

But, in fact, you’re really just an opportunity for this “network” to make more money. Let us explain: This morning we posted an article to our “network” page called “8 Foods That Make You Happy”, but the “network” ‘showed’ it to only about 600 of our 42,658 fans, about 1.4 percent.

This is a dramatic departure from how the “network” operated in the recent past, when it showed our posts to thousands of our fans. If we want all of our “fans” to see our article, we have to “boost” the post and pay the “network” $810.

We assume you became a fan of FabOverFifty on the “network” because you like our content, our giveaways and our style. And we love you for it. But the “network” no longer wants to give you access to our content unless we pay them for it.

The “network” wasn’t content making money from the thousands of companies who use it to advertise their goods and services.

Now the “network” wants to make money from small companies, like FabOverFifty, by leveraging our fans.

Please don’t get us wrong. We like to make money, too, but not by abusing the people who helped us grow in the first place. Without all our fans, there would be no “network”.

Why turn our fans into your pawns, Mr. Network?

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