How Fiera Is Improving My Post-50 Sex Life

I’m discovering that women, 50+, pretty much fall into two groups: Those who don’t dare talk about their weight, age, sex life, and whether they’ve had fillers or plastic surgery on their faces.  And those who do!

I’m pretty certain that the women in the first group believe others will think less of them if they reveal they’re 58, let’s say; weigh in at 161.4 pounds; lost much of their libido, and had liposuction on their jowls. Of course, I respect how they feel, even if my attitude is wildly different. Let me be perfectly clear: I’m not thrilled about my age (68); my weight (I don’t weigh myself, but I’ve revealed my belly online so you know I’m not 127 pounds); my decreased sex drive, or my sagging skin. And even if I can’t do a darn thing about my age, I do try my darndest to mitigate the effects of aging. If you read my blog, you know my story: Diet, exercise, top-notch skin care, hairpiece, and yes, jowl reduction.  

Sex is one area where I hadn’t exerted much effort. After I stopped taking estrogen, about seven years ago, my libido started declining. Although I wasn’t mourning the loss of sex drive, I wouldn’t have minded getting it back. I was consumed with creating FabOverFifty, however, beginning around the same time I stopped taking estrogen. So my libido took a back seat.

Hey there, Geri, sexual health IS important!

My attitude began changing about three years ago, when more and more companies were contacting us about their solutions and products designed to benefit the sexual wellness and intimate care of women, after menopause, including drug and non-drug therapies and cool new devices. Of course, the millions of women like I- born between 1946 and 1964-were the driving forces behind this new emphasis on sex after 50. I also learned that while sex is an important release for pleasure, it’s as important for our health and sense of self. “Your genitals, your vulva, your clitoris, your vagina, those are part of your body that also need to be exercised,” explains Dr Bat Sheva Marcus, a founder of the Medical Center for Female Sexuality in New York, “You need blood coming into the area. You need the muscles to be stretched.”

So I began trying many of the products that companies were asking us to promote, because I wanted my reports to women who share my ‘issues’  to be authentic.  Even women who don’t talk about sex to anyone, including their doctors, might benefit if I talked about it.  After all, issues like low libido and itching, dry vaginas don’t go away just because you’re ignoring them.

The Masters of Sex would have approved

Today, I’d like to introduce you to Fiera Arouser for Her, like no other tool to enhance intimacy on the market, and I mean no other. It’s not a vibrator. It’s not a pill or supplement. It’s not a cream or gel.  It’s a small, discreet and hands-free accessory that stimulates blood flow in the clitoris and encourages vaginal lubrication, helping get your body ready for a enjoyable sexual experience.

Anyone who has watched the popular Showtime series, Masters of Sex, knows that scientific data demonstrates sexual arousal by measuring changes in blood flow in the clitoris, a key physiological response that shows a woman’s body is ready for sex.

Fiera is shaped to fit comfortably inside the labia, atop the clitoris. Once the power button is pressed, the device softly attaches itself to the clitoris through suction, and then a trio of tiny vibrating stimulators gently surround the clitoris to provide extra stimulation and send blood into the area. Buttons on the topside of Fiera control the pattern and intensity of the stimulation vibes, ranging from soft and slow to harder and speedier (but not so hard or fast to cause any discomfort.)  A soft, removable cover, called a SofSense ring, is snapped into place before each use, and washed in warm, soapy water between uses.

A great little device before sex or masturbation

It’s pretty easy to switch speeds and patterns, once you get the hang of it, and little lights tell you when Fiera is attaching, properly suctioned, or needs to be recharged. The settings, combined with the gentle suction, help you find the ideal combination to enhance arousal and desire. The clever little thing isn’t meant to give you an out-and-out orgasm, but to get you in the mood-physically and mentally-to have one, whether or not you have a partner. Using it before masturbation definitely enhances your orgasm.

fieraThe user guide explains that it can take three to four times before you feel that you’ve positioned Fiera so it’s most effective. I can personally attest to that! I used it for the third time this morning, when it worked beautifully. I can’t wait to use it again.

By the way, Fiera isn’t just for menopausal or postmenopausal women. Other stressors, including pregnancy, breastfeeding, or lack of sleep, can negatively impact sexual interest and response. You also can use Fiera to enhance an already satisfying sexual relationship.

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This post is sponsored by Fiera, a new way to spark desire. Thanks for supporting FabOverFifty!

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  1. Jet Kuhn says:

    Thank you for your candid review of this product. It’s an area no one talks about, especially if you’re menopausal or post menopausal, and it really is a big part of our lives as sexually active, aware, independent women. Really people don’t talk about what happens to a woman’s body during those phases at all, except for you, so thank you again! On an equally candid note; I, for one have had terrible problems with loss of sex drive throughout menopause and now that I’m post menopausal. We’ve tried so many gadgets, upping my oestrogen, had gyns dismiss me (my GP is board certified in antiageing and helps me the most, she’s my ? Getting me through so many health issues in general), all to be left feeling like I’ve been neutered. I love my husband and I love making love with him, and the feeling is mutual. But the frustration usually ends up with him feeling like he’s failed, me in tears because my body has betrayed me– not exactly a nice end to what should be pleasurable for both of us. Even though the budget is tight and I’m afraid of yet another failed attempt at making things even partially as they were, we decided to go for it. The $50 off code was very nice and helps a lot even though it’s still pricey, thank you for that as well! I wrote to the company about something and they really seem to care about helping women which sealed the deal for me. If anyone else is considering purchasing, I can’t vouch for it yet as I just ordered, bit I can vouch for their customer service, it really feels more like “customer care”. Wish me luck, I’m praying this does the trick!
    Fondest regards,

  2. Coach Christine says:

    Geri thank you for your always candid discussion about sex. The Fiera sounds like a wonderful device that will help women feel like more of their vital sexual selves. I’ll definitely look forward to sharing this with my dating and relationship clients. Christine

    • GeriFOF says:

      Hi Christine,

      Thanks great! Thank you from Fiera. And from me, for your comment,

      Fondly, Geri


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