Five musings for the weekend

All You Need Is Love

I heard someone on NPR (National Public Radio) say: “Life’s project is finding, getting and giving love.” Isn’t that the truth? What do we have if we don’t have people we love…who love us back?

A Cool Cool Couple

Patricia Murray Wood, 90, married Edward Noonan Ney, 85, last week in Palm Beach. FOF Patricia is fascinating for more than the the fact she married at 90. Patricia’s paternal grandfather was an inventor and electrical engineer who worked with Thomas Edison. Her family also helped make Southampton, NY, a summer resort (a pretty fancy one, at that) and her first husband was Sidney Wood, a tennis champion

The marriage announcement said she will take her husband’s name. So interesting.

Wake-Up Call

One of the fashion magazines is now including fashion tips for women in their 70s in a monthly feature. Hmm. Do you suppose the editors have been following  FOF and realized fab women exist OF?

You Can Say That Again

An FOF in her 80s told the owner of San Francisco, a Manhattan apparel shop: “I’m dressing younger every year.” She didn’t mean she’s wearing skirts 10 inches above her knees or jeans that expose her navel. She meant she’s hip to the same looks that her daughters are wearing. Bravo!

Living Down an Image: Following is one of the lines from “Love, Loss and What I Wore”, a play by Nora and Delia Ephron: “You know a woman has really given up when she buys Eileen Fisher clothing.” I guess the Ephrons weren’t aware that Eileen now fancies herself a designer for  hip, young things.

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  1. Duchesse says:

    Eileen Fisher has a stated strategic goal of attracting a younger client. IMO the clothes have sharpened up from the series of unending rectangles offered when Ephron wrote that line, but I doubt they will still interest a large segment of under-40s.

  2. Marjip says:

    How sweet to hear of this marriage. My neighbor was telling me of his mom’s (84 years old) wedding plans.
    She met a long ago boy friend and fell in love again. It’s good to know that life keeps bringing surprises no matter your age.


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