Horning in on the action

Don’t you love people who take no responsibility for making something happen, and then try to take over after everyone else has done all the work? A FOFriend, who wanted to give her husband a surprise party, asked his sister if she’d like to plan the party with her. Her sister-in-law said she didn’t have time.  She didn’t offer to contribute anything—financial or otherwise—to help pay for the party. As my friend planned  the evening, her sister-in-law continually made requests and put in her two cents. “I hope you’re inviting so-and-so. You’d better serve red and white wine.” And on and on.

The sister-in-law began interfering the moment she arrived for the party. “Are you sure everyone knows they must be here by 7:30 so no one spoils the surprise? Why are you serving such smelly cheese? Where is everyone putting the presents?”

These kinds of people are infuriating. The best thing to do is to ignore them. That’s pretty tough, but it really is the smartest way to go.

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