If only she thought of herself when she sang: “I Will Always Love You”

I’m always pleased when I receive approbation for a job well done. It feels good when someone tells me they love an essay I wrote, a sweater I knit, an event I produced, a website I launched.

But as happy as compliments make me, I can live without them. Literally, I mean .

Whitney Houston was applauded, millions of times over, for her work as a singer. But selling 170,000,000 albums, and having the honor of becoming the most awarded recording artist in history, apparently  wasn’t enough approbation for this exceptional entertainer. Like too many celebrities, the more successful Whitney became, the more she needed to cut herself down. She had an abusive marriage and a drug addiction.

Her beautiful voice started to disappear, and with it went the accolades. If she was unhappy with them, she was distraught without them.

It’s hard to grasp why some with so much have so little self- respect. Maybe that’s precisely what propels these people to seek the spotlight in the first place. It’s warm and embracing, but when it dims, they try to turn it back on anyway they can.

Rest in peace, Whitney. You gave me–and millions of other FOFs–many hours of joy.


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10 Responses to “If only she thought of herself when she sang: “I Will Always Love You””

  1. Baflour says:

    Drug addiction is as much a serious problem in this country as “the economy”. Whether the drug is an illegal substance or one that is legitimately prescribed by a doctor, the addictive person gets a euphoric feeling that convinces them that they have everything “under control”. Those of us who do not now nor have ever used or became addictive will never understand how those who do become addictive could “allow” themselves to be “hooked” on something that alters their thought pattern. My eldest son has been an addict for over 20 years and no matter how hard I try to talk to him, he refuses to accept that he has a problem. At this point, all we can do is pray for the family and friends that are left behind to grieve the loss of Whitney. May her spirit be at peace.

  2. Susan says:

    It is always a tragedy when someone destroys themselves. The God-given gifts she was blessed with were thrown away. I believe that Bobby Brown manipulated her and was jealous of her talent and successes. He lived off of her and probably made her feel very insecure. A lot of creative people who are so self-confident in public and on stage, are very much the opposite in their personal lives, always seeking for acceptance and approval

    Unfortunately, she did not have the self-strength to fight it, and she did not allow her Religious beliefs to guide her.

    I hope she is at Peace now, and I pray that her daughter is turned to right path in her life. Whitney sang like an Angel, and she is leading the Heavenly Choir now.

    Rest in Peace Whitney, and Blessed Be..

  3. Traci Blackmon says:

    While I agree with portions of your article, I feel it does little to acknowledge the devestating disease of drug addiction. I don’t know whether you had a personal relationship with Whitney Houston. I did not, so I will not attempt to speak to her opinion of herself. In the absence of addiction, that may be easy. But in the presence of addiction of any kind, those lines begin to blur. It becomes a question of which came first…the chicken or the egg. Did her lack of “self-respect” or her need for “applause” cause her drug addiction, or was her addiction at the root of her demise?

    I do not know…but at any rate, the dismissal of the documented and confessed drug addiction of Whitney Houston as simply a lack of “self respect,” is troubling at best. I’m sure there are many, both famous and not, who wish it were simply a matter of respecting oneself more.

  4. Diana Verner says:

    You must be grounded in something far stronger than fame in order to survive any industry.
    We all have our own struggles and often they surface in destructive ways. Whitney was conflicted and she struggled thru her earthly journey. I pray for peace and comfort to surround her family during their time of mourning. She can now rest in peace……She will be missed!

  5. Marilyn Trent says:

    As hard as it is to believe, that money and fame does not equal happiness, it does make one take a moment to contemplate it as a reality when a celebrity like Whitney proves it as a truism.

    It makes me think of the old rock n’ roll song lyrics.. “I’ve got too much time on my hands. It’s hard to believe such a calamity. I’ve got too much time on my hands. Take it away, TAKE IT AWAY FROM ME!!! I often wonder what it must feel like to have so much money that you don’t have to work ever again and then past that, have so much that you could give back. I would hope that if it ever happened to me, I would do what Bill and Melinda Gates did and start doing some real good in the world and make some positive social change. Warren Buffet told his children that they needed to come to him with a business plan before he gave them anything. One of them came up with the idea to start a foundation and that they would run it. If only Whitney could have done something like that. Maybe she would have been fulfilled and be alive today.

  6. Julia Ray says:

    thanks for this well written article Geri…actually this relates not only to Whitney but many brilliant and talented people…who may think perfection is reachable every single day….that only the very best will (and can) do at all times!…then beat themselves up..when perfection is not reached…it reminds me of a quote I heard many moons ago…”perfection is a bore”…we should pass this on to anyone who will listen..and maybe help save a life to two….or at least someone’s sanity

  7. Robin says:

    Thank you Geri,
    I agree in so many ways. I had to learn to love myself in order to save my own life, because I was on that same path of self destruction. I was my own worst enemy like Whitney said in a past interview. So sad, such a waste of a beautiful life.

  8. Kate Line Snider says:

    Thanks Geri,

    Good job.

  9. Kate Line Snider says:

    I can’t believe you put the word “work” in quotes when referring to Whitney Houston’s musical performances!

    My guess is, you have never worked as a musician. I have! It’s the hardest work in the world, physically, intellectually, and emotionally! Talent is necessary, but the end product doesn’t just roll out of the musician. It takes hours of practice and enormous effort in performance, not to mention dealing with stage fright.The stress level is incredible.

    Shame on you, Geri!

    • geri says:

      Hi Kate,

      I completely agree with you. The only reason I put it in quotes was because one doesn’t usually refer to singing as a job. I shouldn’t have and will now take it out of quotes.



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