I’m In The 86% Group. Are You?

I was interested–and intrigued–to see the results of a one-question poll we posted last Thursday. For those of you who didn’t see it, the question was:

How do YOU want to look:

● I want to look as good as I feel
I want to look as young as I feel
I want to grow old “gracefully”
(aka embrace my wrinkles & gray hair)


I was interested because the overwhelming majority of women don’t want to accept their wrinkles, gray hair and sagging jowls. So, even if they don’t care about looking “younger,” they still feel that jowls, wrinkles and gray hair don’t make them look “good.”

Of course, I respect the 14% of women who embrace the signs of aging. What intrigues me is why many of these women often publicly take issue with plastic surgery; don’t trust exciting new beauty creams and devices, backed by clinical trials, that help minimize wrinkles, and use hair color ads as opportunities to exclaim why keeping their gray is a badge of aging.

I don’t believe it, wouldn’t use it on a bet! “ commented J. Hall on an article about a new beauty device that’s been clinically tested on hundreds of women, and proven to work.

The device also has been enthusiastically recommended by leading dermatologists and countless beauty editors. “The photos are retouched to make the results this company claims look true. There’s that cliche we find to be true time after time after time, ‘If it seems to good to be true…’ J Hall continues emphatically, if not inaccurately.

As far as I’m concerned, the only badges of aging are good health and happiness. If a 50, 60, 70 or 80 year old woman wants to have a facelift, filler injections and color her hair violet, good for her! And if another woman wouldn’t touch a thing on her face or body, good for her, too! None of it matters a whit if a woman isn’t in good shape, physically and mentally, and enjoying her life.

Be yourself. Because that’s the only way to be!

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  1. mncold says:

    I think when women take issue with plastic surgery, etc, it is in part to not feel badly about not being able to afford these things. And the reality is the more others take advantage the less regard society has for what they see as women “who let themselves go”.

  2. Mimi Taylor says:

    I won’t do botox or surgery because I already look 29 years younger but my hands show my age


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