“Patience, persistence and perspiration make an unbeatable combination for success” –Author Napoleon Hill

As for exercising, I do four half-hour aerobic and weight-bearing routines a week, over Skype, with a wonderful trainer.

Sadly, I’m not disciplined enough to exercise vigorously on my own, but it’s worth every penny I spend with Vann. I’ve been exercising religiously for almost a year, and I’m stronger, more flexible and more balanced that I’ve been in a long time. You can follow along with some of the exercises I do, which are featured in previous belly blogs we published during the last six weeks.

I also try to walk 70,000 steps a week, and my trusty Fitbit keeps me in check every step of the way.

Here’s this week’s exercise, called High Knees with Lateral Raise.

Here’s a simple shoulder exercise with a serious cardio boost! “You’ll get your heart pumping in no time when you combine high knees with a lateral raise,” Vann says.

“This exercise not only strengthens your shoulders, but works on balance, flexibility and coordination. Also, the more joints you use the more intense the exercise becomes. And that means greater calorie burn, too.”

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