“I’m Sorry That You’re Going Through A Hard Time Now”

And Tish responded the next day:

Geri, you have no idea how happy it made me to read your email. I have always, always regretted that our friendship, which I considered precious (and lots of fun), came to a sad, abrupt end.

“For years I used to have dreams about it so it must have been playing around in my subconscious.

“I always loved your style, your ambition, and your boundless enthusiasm for whatever you were doing, never doubting that you could find a way to make your ideas work — truly amazing.

Well, new year, new start. What do you think?”



My response:

“Yes, New Year, New Start.

“Let’s figure out the best way to connect.  Email? Call? Skype? And when?


Tish and I plan to catch up on the phone soon, and we’ll undoubtedly have lots of share. Although we both worked for the same publishing company many moons ago (she is Detroit; I in New York), we became friends in the early 1980s, when she was the fashion editor of The New York Daily News and I was a feature writer. We also shared a dear friend.

The details of our friendship–and falling out–aren’t relevant right now. What is important is that broken human bonds always can be repaired if we want them to. That’s one of the truly beautiful things about being alive, and still open to learning and “growing,”

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