These Are A “Few” Of My Favorite Things

Don’t you just love to share your discoveries, whether it’s a cool boutique you’ve found, a restaurant with the best burritos in town, or something as basic as a new kitchen sponge that cleans like no sponge you’ve ever owned before? I do, so I thought, Why not spread the word on FabOverFifty about products I adore?

I’m starting today with kitchen tools, one of my passions. As an editor and publisher in the home furnishings business for decades, I wrote about pots, pans, electric housewares, gadgets, tabletop and more, so I’m pretty picky when it comes to the quality and performance of the products I use for cooking and serving.

I’m not being paid a penny to write about the products in this new column. It’s just fun to tell you about them. We’ve linked each item to the shop, which seems to sell just about everything these days.  

Muscleman Or Real Softie

“You have to get this sponge, Maz!” gushed my daughter when we recently went shopping together. She was right! The little guy works on everything from dishes and glassware to cast iron and stainless steel pans; from bathroom walls to the car’s exterior. He stiffens up in cold water, and softens in warm water, depending on whether you want to wash normally or seriously scrub. He doesn’t scratch, and he won’t become smelly after he’s had lots of tough workouts. The perfect man to have around the house. Shark Tank loved him. So will you!

Put A Lid On It!

I plop this adorable Tomato Lid on a bowl of leftovers, or put it on top of a pot when I’m heating up sauces, stews and soups, and I’ll never turn to pesky (and expensive) plastic wrap again. Made of flexible and heat tolerant silicone, it seals tight on all smooth rims, for heating and storing. Goes into the oven, microwave and dishwasher, too. If the Tomato Lid is sold out, you can get an equally adorable Artichoke!

Smokin’ Pot

You won’t find a better combination of features in a pot than a non-stick interior, glass lid, pouring spouts and strainer. Water seems to boil in a jiffy, and it’s a cinch to wash, even when you’ve heated tomato sauce. My pot has a 2-quart capacity and a stainless steel exterior, but you can find pots this versatile in a range of sizes, and with non-stick exteriors.

Berry Berry Smart

When I unpack fresh berries from the supermarket or green market, I can’t wait to transfer them to this sturdy plastic basket. After the berries are washed, the water conveniently drains from the slotted sides. And, when I’m serving them, I can put the colorful container right on the table. It keeps them nice and fresh, too. I only bought one basket, but I plan to get a set of three since delicate raspberries really shouldn’t be mingling with heavier, denser strawberries!

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  1. Shalilah Russell says:

    It,s good to get excited about something you like. It gives you energy.

    • GeriFOF says:

      I agree, Shalilah. I love having wonderful things to enjoy in my home.


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