To my Valentines

Some of the people I love and some of the reasons I love them

My children, Colby and Simone, for their wicked senses of humor, intelligence, writing and artistic abilities, debating talents, sociability, and the fact they made it through their childhoods with me as their mother!

David, for his work ethic; impeccable taste in ties, shirts and sports jackets; loving my family (including Douglas) and putting up with me

FOF sisters Heidi and Shelley, for their undying friendships, love and respect

Brother-in-law Rusty, for his hysterical side, his compulsive side, his sensible side and his wild side, and for loving Shelley so much

Brother-in-law Brian, for believing in me and supporting my passion, and for loving Heidi so much

Nephew Max, for his many passions, quick mind, and company

Nephew Jon, for his happiness, intelligence, passion for cooking and wit

Nephew Adam, for his intensity, love of family, hard work and humor

Noel, for loving my daughter, getting into NYU, and working hard for a college degree

Almost niece, Nicole, for loving Adam

Nephew Brian, for his sense of responsibility, finding his own voice and finding a wife like Julianne

Niece Julianne, for loving Brian

Douglas, for his talent, love of his children (and mine) and his loyalty

Lina, for her editorial vision with FOF, her motherly instincts and her friendship

Mary Ann, for helping me through crazy times, her long friendship, keen insights and for raising a great daughter

Everyone who is associated with FOF, for believing in it, working hard for it and supporting it

Rigby, for knowing exactly what he wants, even if he has to jump on the table to get it.

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4 Responses to “To my Valentines”

  1. Anita says:

    Charles you b roke the mode for brother, uncle, husband, father, grandfather. Love U

    • Geri says:

      Hi Anita,

      Send Charles right over!

      Geri 🙂

  2. Geri says:

    Hi Preppy

    thanks my dear


  3. Preppy 101 says:

    What a great post! Such a wonderful thing to do for “Love” Day. xoxo


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