Memorializing Five Women Of War

Let us remember these five exceptional young women, who gave their lives to serve our country during times of conflict. They are but a handful of courageous women for whom the word sacrifice held meaning unfathomable to many of us.

Ellen May Tower, 30-year-old U.S. Army nurse from Michigan
Ellen died of typhoid fever, while serving in Puerto Rico during the Spanish-American War in 1898. She was the first Army nurse to die on foreign soil and the first woman to receive a military funeral in Michigan.

Aleda E. Lutz, 29-year-old U.S. Army flight nurse from Michigan
Aleda was fatally injured in a Medevac C-47 crash in Loire, France in 1944.. She was perhaps the most experienced flight nurse in the U.S. military service at the time of her death, and the first woman to die in a combat zone during World War II.

Jeanne Clarke, 32-year old U.S. Navy Nurse and Lieutenant Junior Grade from Oregon
Jeanne died in an air crash while enroute to Japan, in 1950, to help the Korean wounded during The Korean Conflict.

Cheryl O’Brien, 24-year-old Sergeant from WisconsinMEMORIAL_CHERYL
Cheryl was shot down, along with eight other soldiers, as their helicopter flew into Iraq to recover the remains of fellow soldiers during Desert Storm in 1991.

Lori Anne Privette, 27-year-old Marine Corps. Staff Sergeant from North CarolinaMEMORIAL_LORI
Lori died in a helicopter crash during a routine training flight in California, in 2004, only months after returning from Operation Iraqi Freedom.

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  1. Deanna Schlabach says:

    Thank you for recognizing our Woman Heroes throughout history. What great research to have found such a varied group of
    sacrificial women who gave all to protect our freedom! Deanna (USMC, Sgt 1981-1986)


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