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Dr. Helen M. McCullough-Duzy
Christiana Care 
Center for Women’s OB-GYN and Reproductive Health 
4735 Ogletown Stanton Road, MAP2. Suite 2103
Newark, DE 19713


Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine



Dr. Susan Fox
Doctor of Osteopathy, PA
Dr. Susan Fox’s Center for Women
8501 SW 124th Avenue, Suite 211
Miami, FL 33183


Dr. Fox and her team of devoted professionals are dedicated to preventative healthcare practices. They educate their patients about any gynecologic issues they’re experiencing and work with them to find the most effective treatments.  

Des Moines University College of Osteopathic Medicine


Dr. Marisa Messore
Center for Women’s Sexual Health and Medicine 
OB-GYN, Director 
4308 Alton Road, #320
Miami Beach, FL 33140 


Dr. Messore’s areas of interest and expertise include female sexual health, menopause and hormone therapy. She has worked in women’s healthcare as a practitioner, educator and advocate for over 20 years. 

Boston University School of Medicine



Dr. Pamela Gaudry
The Georgia Center for Menopausal Medicine 
15 Lake Street. #160
Savannah, GA 31411


Practicing in Savannah for 28 years, Dr. Pam’s passion is to help women get through menopause safely, sanely and well educated.  Open since 2018, her healthcare practice puts patients first: A doctor should always be available when patients need her, not just when it’s convenient for her to see them. Dr. Pam focuses on all menopausal issues, from hot flashes to vaginal dryness, and on the impact these can have on marriage. 

Medical College of Georgia School of Medicine


Dr. Jeffrey Donohue (L)
Dr. Ofelia Balta (MID)
Dr. Karen Weldon (R)
BodyLogic MD of Atlanta 
Anti-Aging Medicine
2941 Piedmont Road NE, Suite C
Atlanta, GA 30305 


Drs. Donohue, Balta and Weldon  practice anti-aging and preventive medicine to help menopausal women  achieve longer, better lives. Calling on customized nutrition and fitness regimens, pharmaceutical-grade supplements, stress reduction techniques and natural bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT), they help give their patients  restored energy, improved mental clarity and the highest quality of life possible.

Dr. Donohue, Louisiana State University

Dr. Balta, University of Medicine and Pharmacy at  Isai, Romania

Dr. Weldon, University of South Alabama College of Medicine


Dr. Murray A. Freedman
OB GYN Partners of Atlanta
1348 Walton Way, #4100
Augusta, GA 30901


Passionate about women’s health and wellness, Dr. Freedman has taught thousands of women about their physical changes during menopause and how they can find proper treatment to lead healthy and happy lives. He has written extensively about genital atrophy and sexuality in menopausal women.

Georgia Regents University Medical College Medical School 



Dr. Lynette W. Tsai
Oahu OB/GYN Founder
50 S. Beretania Street, Suite C-211-C
Honolulu, HI 96813


Specializing in minimally invasive laparoscopic surgery, Dr. Tsai has applied her passion and talent for women’s health to her patients for over two decades. 

University of California Los Angeles Medical School



Karole Beck
Abundant Life Healthcare 
Nurse Practitioner 
4483 N. Dresden Place, #102
Garden City, ID 83714 


A nurse practitioner for over 15 years, Karole concentrates on lifestyle interventions to optimize wellness and prevent illness. She is down to earth and thoroughly educates her patients and addresses their concerns. 

Nursing, Grand Valley State University



Dr. Lauren Streicher (L)
Founder and Medical Director 
Dr. Traci A. Kurtzer (R)
Northwestern Medicine Centers for Sexual Health and Menopause 
The Lavin Family Pavilion
259 East Erie Street, Suite 2450 
Chicago, IL 60611


Dr. Streicher’s clinical interests include all aspects of women’s health but she has a particular interest in menopause and sexual health. Considered an expert in the academic world, she also wants to educate as many women as possible – patients or not – about their midlife health issues.

“Dr. Kurtzer is a one-of-a-kind doctor. She has been a tremendous help and extraordinary in the clarity of her explanations. She goes the extra mile and is always pleasant to deal with,” commented a patient on the Northwestern Medicine website. 

“I have been to two other care providers to help me with my medical issue. I am beyond joy and happiness that I found someone who understands my feelings about how this has affected me. Dr. Kurtzer also takes the time to answer all my questions. She is very good at explaining what steps I need to do to help the condition improve. I finally feel that I have hope again!” wrote another.

As an expert in Trauma Informed Care and Vulvovaginal Health, Dr. Kurtzer treats women who have had difficult past gynecologic exams related to issues including sexual abuse or assault, medical trauma and painful vulvar conditions.

University of Illinois, Dr. Streicher

University of Florida, Dr. Kurtzer


Dr. Kristi Tough DeSapri 
Northwestern Medicine Program for Women’s Bone Health 
Internal Medicine 
259 East Erie Street, Suite 2450
Lavin Family Pavilion
Chicago, IUL 60611


Dr. DeSapri specializes in midlife women’s health issues, including perimenopause and menopause management, healthy aging, bone health, hormone replacement therapy, and non-hormonal options. She spends a lot of time with patients in her highly specialized practice, discussing their midlife health issues,  and believe that doctors and patients should make important decisions together. 

University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio



Dr. Lori Davidson
Caring for Women’s Health
107 North State Road 135. #102
Greenwood, IN 46142


Dr. Davidson’s patients appreciate her warmth, professional integrity and open communication. She is determined to help them understand their own health so they can be well informed when making important health decisions.

Indiana University School of Medicine



Dr. Jane A. Lyons
OB-GYN Associates  
855 A Avenue NE, #200
Cedar Rapids, IA 52402


A dedicated nurse before she attended medical school, Dr. Lyons provides a full range of care, including treatment for abnormal bleeding, menopause, pelvic pain and abnormal pap smears. She appreciates the advancements in medicine that allow her to offer a minimally invasive approach to the majority of her surgeries, allowing patients a more rapid recovery. 

University of New England Medical School



Dr. Debra L. Messamore
Associates in Women’s Health
3232 E. Murdock
Wichita, KS 67208


Associates in Women’s Health is an independent group of doctors, but they all treat each other’s patients on call as if they are their own. Dr. Messamore is one of only a few certified menopause practitioners in Wichita. Her 25-year history with Associates in Women’s Health has allowed her to enjoy taking care of women across generations.  

University of Kansas Medical School

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