Why You Need More Lavender In Your Life

Lavender shows up in more places than you’d expect—in your garden, skin creams, and even in the fancy macaroon shop that just opened around the corner. However, there’s one important place where you might not find lavender, but should, and that’s in your bedroom!

Enter FOF Valerie Bennis, the founder and president of Essence of Vali, which specializes in “essential oils.” Extracted from plants mainly through steam distillation, these oils can benefit your mood, mind, and general well-being. Products that contain lavender essential oils can help you get a great night’s sleep.

“Our sleep products are best sellers, even with hotels around the world that want to pamper their guests,” Valerie said. “The lavender plant has sedative properties in its chemistry that can impact a person’s sleep.” To honor Sleep Better Month, the Essence of Vali Sleep Kit is $30 for the rest of May (regularly $50). It includes massage and bath oil, sleep balm, soothing mist, and a sleep concentrate.

“I want to help women age gracefully through understanding the power of healthy living—lavender in the bedroom is a great place to start. Nothing gives you more energy than a great night’s sleep,” Valerie added.

A drop of the sleep concentrate on your pillowcase and/or a few sprays of mist on your bed linens is all it takes. And you can always treat yourself to a soothing bath with the massage & bath oil or receive a calming massage.

The sleep balm is easily transportable and can be dabbed above the upper lip and on pulse points. You also can spray the mist, in whatever room you’re in, to enjoy the soothing effects of lavender throughout the day. It makes a wonderful non-toxic room spray.

Besides the special price on her Sleep Kit, Valerie is offering FOF members a generous 20% off on all of her oils, which are 100% natural, hand-blended and made in the United States. Enter code FOF2014 at checkout.

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