What Your Worst Menopause Symptom Says About You

“Hot flushes, night sweats, achy joints and bones, menopause head, terrible mood swings, lack of energy due to disturbed sleep, overwhelming tiredness during the day, and the list goes on. Oh, dry itchy skin, crying at anything slightly sad,  but worse, are flushes and night sweats.”

Mekala Papworth


“Heavy flow out of the blue, especially at work.” 

Maria Armida Carlton

“I had absolutely no symptoms. My periods just started getting lighter, less frequent and that was the end. It’s been eight years now and so far, so good.”

Paulette Greyn


“I hate to say it, but I had none. I had a couple of hot flushes, not flashes… in my late 40’s, but I was drinking wine then, so I don’t know. Two, maybe three hot flushes.

“I had my last period when I was 52, and it was the fn mother of all periods. I thought I was giving birth. So bad, I went to the hospital. It lasted for a few days, then nothing. (I call that, my last hurrah.)

I’ve had no other symptoms, for 10 years now. None. Still love sex, too. My mother scared the bejesus out of me. I thought I was in for a fate worse than death. She is 83 and still on HRT. If she goes off, she has major hot flashes. Me. Zippo.”

Jan Harmer

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