Maintain Your Strength and Stamina with Restorative Cellular Nutrients


I marvel at Betty White, as bubbly and zestful at 99 years old as she was half a century ago playing perky Sue Ann Nivens on The Mary Tyler Moore Show. Lucky lady. Betty’s energy inspires me. We all need as much vitality as we can get as we age.

So when my own signature high energy seemed to be decreasing about five years ago, I figured more lunges and less pizza would help get it back.  I’ve since learned a startling scientific fact of life: There’s a critical link between how and why we age and the health of the 30 trillion cells in our body.  Even if I walk 10K steps every single day and have an insanely healthy diet, my cells just aren’t going to work as efficiently as they did when I was 40 years old.

As a matter of fact, starting in our 40s, we tire more easily, become weaker, have reduced mobility and stamina, and are more susceptible to disease with each passing birthday. Known as Age-Associated Cellular Decline (AACD), it impacts the way we feel!

But now we can have more control over our health than ever before, thanks to phenomenol progress in nutritional science.  And the scientists at Nestlé Health Science have figured out that nourishing our cells with targeted cellular nutrients can help them function more like they did when we were young. That means more energy, strength and immunity, and an overall feeling of well being when we’re in our 60s, 70s, even 80s and beyond. 

CelltrientTM Cellular Nutrition, Nestle’s exciting new line of supplements and beverages, addresses multiple causes of AACD through the select cellular nutrients GlyNAC, Urolithin A and Nicotinamide Riboside.


My jaw muscles got a lot more exercise during the last 15 months than the muscles in the rest of my body. Now that I’ve started  to be more active after Covid confinement, I see how out of shape I’ve become. 

It’s bad enough that our overall strength is impacted by the combination of reduced muscle mass and energy production in our skeletal muscle cells when we’re older.  Being sedentary for over a year hasn’t helped. Walking up a hill leaves me breathing more heavily and feeling achy. 

Besides moving more, I’ve started taking Celltrient Cellular Strength to nourish my muscle cells with the nutrient Urolithin A (UA), which helps them renew their power plants and  promote healthy muscle function. “Cellular Strength complements our daily exercise routines and gives our cells an extra boost,” stressed Dr. Noelle Reid, a holistic family medicine physician in Los Angeles.

Even if you faithfully exercised during the last year, you should add Celltrient Cellular Strength to your health regimen. Remember, your muscle cells started slacking on the job when you were in your 40s. So they need all the help you can give them now!


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