Treating The Body From The Inside Out

Beri Esthetique
Dr. Kavita Beri
3200 Sunset Ave #107
Ocean Township, NJ 07712

About Dr. Beri

Dr. Kavita Beri is a board-certified physician and scientist in the field of regenerative medicine. She is the chair of the International Society of Regenerative Medicine: Anti-Aging and Aesthetics. Dr. Beri also is the medical director and owner of Beri Esthetique Mind Body Skin,  an integrative next-generation holistic med spa in Ocean, NJ.  She is an adjunct professor of biomedical engineering and scientist at the Center for Dermal Research at Rutgers University in New Jersey. 

Dr. Beri has published several scientific articles and presented both nationally and internationally on her research combining lasers and topicals for skin regeneration. She  is an editorial advisor & dermatology social media editor for the Future Science Journal. Her areas of research are in wound healing, stem cells, plant stem cells, vibrational medicine, regenerative wound healing, skin microbiome, regenerative cosmetics, and Ayurveda in modern application.

What is the philosophy and mission of Beri Esthetique?

Beri Esthetique is a next-generation holistic med spa incorporating western cutting-edge regenerative medicine, laser and cosmetic treatments with eastern vibrational energy healing, pranayama, yoga and Ayurveda to detoxify the body for graceful aging. We believe that our body has an innate capability to heal, and that we can use our body’s ability to regenerate itself. We create a personalized plan for each patient, based on treating the skin with the latest techniques, combined with a holistic mind-body approach that helps heal skin from the inside out. We also hold several workshops on how aging females can balance hormonal changes with diet and mindfulness techniques.

What is your medical background and why did you gravitate to the type of medicine you practice today?

My background is in internal and regenerative medicine, as well as biomedical and tissue engineering. I’ve done extensive  research in stem cells, wound-healing, plant stem cells in cosmetics, and application of lasers in tissue engineering. I also am a registered yoga teacher. I am fascinated by the possibility of stimulating the innate healing mechanisms within our body through cutting edge western science, combined with a holistic mind-body-skin approach. I have a special interest in the ancient science of Ayurveda to heal the body from the inside, which offers a more complete approach to rejuvenation and allows the body to respond better to external skin treatments and laser procedures. 

Why did you choose to invest in its Alma Laser equipment?

Alma offers cutting-edge technology, backed by a strong scientific approach. I use it daily at our spa.

Why is JuVaShape effective with your patients and how do you successfully combine it with other treatments?

JuVaShape helps to treat patients’ trouble zones, including hard-to-eliminate skin folds and cellulite. It is quick, with no downtime and great results. We love combining JuVaShape treatment with our mind-body approach to lifestyle and diet. When a patient decides on a transformation, we help her get a jump start with JuVaShape, but also offer diet counseling, dosha balance, personal fitness training and strength building, as well as yoga and pranayama techniques that will help detoxify her body faster.

Do you feel new skin care technology will surpass plastic surgery?

I do. As we approach a new frontier with regenerative science and tissue engineering we are learning so much about the healing mechanisms of the body, and how stem cells can help regenerate tissue, skin, collagen, etc. We are on the cusp of seeing even more amazing cosmetic technology based on regenerative science.

What’s the ideal age to take advantage of non-invasive skin care treatments, and why?

I believe we should start maintaining our skin in our 20s, as well as lead a healthy lifestyle. Much of what we experience as aging is an accumulation of unnecessary toxins on the body. Noninvasive procedures that regenerate the body, such as lasers, peels and plant-based organic facials, also help to keep the skin healthy and resilient during the various stresses of young adulthood. This goes a long way before our bodies start breaking down collagen and elastin and show signs of aging. I love to say every wrinkle has a story, and healing from the story is as important as healing the wrinkle. Mindfulness plays a complementary role in helping people age gracefully. 

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