Hands-On Dads: Some Who Were And Some Who Weren’t!

 There’s nothing better than experiencing the highs and lows of parenthood with someone you love and trust. Some dads lighten the load by doing simple, but essential, daily tasks, such as changing diapers or preparing bottles.  Others go the extra mile to make sure that mom and child are happy. Then, there are a few who do, well, nothing at all!

We asked if your husband was a hands-on parent “back in the day.”  Here are some of our favorite answers.

“Beautifully so. He would go down the sledding hill with our daughters, dance with them, help them with homework, tea parties, baking & decorating, shopping…he was and is a fantastic father. (and don’t even get me started on his skills as a grandpa).” Paulette Greyn

“He thought he was since he would change diapers as needed and would sit and feed a bottle if he was watching TV…everything else from putting them to bed, supervising homework, picking up…not so much.” Julie Mattison

“Yeah Keith! Not to mention enduring sleep overs and many ball games with the video camera rolling.” Penny Beard

“Only when trying to show off. We both had tough childhoods. I swore my children would never go through what I did. He never got past his anger and resentment about his formative years. I cannot say that my daughter & son (10 yrs apart) came thru it unscathed, but they have both grown up to be amazing young adults in spite of things.” June Brewer

“Yes…Absolutely. Did things different than I did, but always stepped up.” Sonja Phillips

“When he felt like it. Funny, the times were few and far between, very few, but all of my children have ‘vivid’ memories of him being hands on, ‘all the time’. Gag me.

“It was a bone of contention with me. Still is. I could do 1000 things for them, but he does one thing, and they remember that ‘well’”. Jan Harmer

“Best daddy I could wish for our boy-he would do anything for our son.” Jillian Adam

“No…He never was a parent at all!” Catherine Everhart

“No, I wished…but to be fair to him he worked two jobs.” Robin Kelley

“Yes definitely loved doing things with them. Still does all he can and they are 31 and 29.” Debra Hudson

“My ex was very much a hands-on dad, even changed diapers.” Susan Wertens

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