Meet Nine Husbands Who Cherish Their Parents

If you were blessed, you had parents who took great care of you and would do almost anything to ensure that you were happy, healthy and prepared to become the person you are today. As the years turn into decades, your parents sometimes become the ones who need you to take care of them.

Some of us are lucky enough to be the wives, the companions, or the sisters of men who help care for their parents (and parents-in-law) as well as they took care of them. Meet some of these great men:

“Yes…One thing I can say about him…he was always very devoted to his parents…saw them every weekend without fail..rang them almost daily…my father-in-law passed away about a year ago..he now sees his mother all the time, and helps where he can…

He is helping to renovate and sell her house at the moment…I have finally admitted he loves his parents a great deal more than his own family..we separated recently..I love his parents too but it came at a cost.” Carine Munro


“My husband was very involved in caring for both of my parents as they became disabled. My mom and dad were both so appreciative and loved him dearly. Very few would have done the things he had to do. It made me love him more.” Carolyn Thomas

“No way, lives 24 hrs awayJudi Daniel

“Yes, he does. His father is no longer living, but his mother is still alive. She is in an assisted- living facility that is two blocks up the street from our home. Any time she needs anything, he is there within minutes. He is the most unselfish, caring husband, father, grandfather, and son. We are all blessed to have him in our lives.” Paulette Greyn

“Yes, he does” Toni Guadiana

Yes he does! I love him even more because of the way he takes care of his dad! ” 
Diane C Rodgers

“My husband is not close enough to where he can physically take care of them, but in 30 years of marriage I have never heard him back talk or be rude in any kind of way to either parents, and he lets them know he loves them, he pays for their meds every month, and calls them everyday. He is what I would want in a son!” Darlene Chavez Gonzalez


No my husband’s mother passed away when he was only 23. It was so sad. He didn’t see his father since he was quite young. But he is an amazing support to me now I am nursing my own father and helping my mum to look after him because he realises that life is short and doesn’t want me to have any regrets about my parents.” Sharon Weeder-Smytheman

“We both are currently with all parents. We wouldn’t have it any other way!” Leann Fuller


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