“We want it all” ~ Before & After

A few months ago, we gave 12 FOF couples or singles the chance to win one of Sinclair Institute’s outstanding sex education videos. Sinclair has been helping people rev up their sex lives since 1991 and  is the leading source of sexual health products and videos in the United States.  Its Better Sex Video Series® has sold over four million videos in over 30 countries. Featuring real couples in loving and committed relationships, the videos explain and show us the stuff that turns them–and will turn you–ON!

We asked contest entrants which video they would most like to win. Then, we interviewed the winners–asking them to “bare all” about their sex lives.

Here are our first before AND after interviews!


FOF Fran and her husband, Patrick, met when she was a young teenager and he was 19. They waited to be married until they were more sensibly aged. After 36 years of wedded bliss, including an active sex life, Patrick is experiencing ED, which is frustrating him. Fran asked for Sinclair’s Longer & Stronger education video.

How old are you and your husband?
I’m 54 and Patrick is five years older.

Are you both working?
I was just offered a new job, in the financial sector, after being unemployed for months. Patrick is on disability, following a work-related accident many years ago. He also had two heart attacks and has five stents in his chest.

How is he doing?

He feels good now. He can’t sit still. He’s got medication to take care of his heart but he’s pushed himself through the back pain he was experiencing and has learned to grin and bare it, rather than continue to take pain medication.

Do you have any children or grandchildren?
We have one child and two grandchildren. There’s nothing like being a grandparent.

How did you two meet?
My step-sister and I were sunning by the river behind our house, when my husband went by on water skis. His signaled to his friend, who was driving the boat, to turn it around and then he intentionally “fell” in front of us. I jumped up, concerned that he was hurt. Of course, he wasn’t. (It was all part of his plan to meet me.) We invited them to join us for a swim in our pool, so they parked the boat in our boathouse and enjoyed an afternoon swim with us and then asked us out for a double date.

Patrick wound up going out with my stepsister for the first date, but he really wanted to go out with me. Although his friend latched onto me, I had no interest in him. Patrick kept calling the house until he got me on the phone. My father made him have dinner with our large family. Dad thought that if Patrick was brave enough to come and meet the family and he was brave enough to want to go out with me, then he’d give Patrick that chance.

When did you get married?
Patrick asked me to marry him two years later, but I waited four more years.

Tell us about your sex life.
We still have a great sex life. There was a period there, when Patrick was recovering from his heart attacks and stent procedures, which affected our sex life, but then he came back.

As he’s gotten older, however, he is experiencing ED, also due to some of the meds he’s taking. He can’t take Viagra because of his heart attack. He did take Cialis, but that upset his stomach.

If we wait long enough, everything turns out fine. Patrick has always been a very generous man. He likes to kiss and he likes a lot of foreplay. He’ll do whatever he can do to make me happy.

He’ll become really hard, just from kissing. I tell him that when that happens, to forget about me and go for it, because if we wait, it the erection disappears. It’s purely a physical reaction. I tell him, you’re not 19 anymore and I’m not 14. I tell him it can’t be the same way and that it’s OK.

We both like oral sex. It’s a big part of our lovemaking and it makes us happy. I anticipate we’ll do it when we’re 100. When Patrick was younger, he wasn’t so much into the oral sex, but now he can’t get enough of it.

You’ve asked for the Longer & Stronger tape.

Yes, we’d like to learn techniques for maintaining an erection.

We want it all, not to just substitute other kinds of sex.


Sinclair sent Fran and Patrick the Longer & Stronger video they requested, as well as its Endow Deluxe Vacuum [Penis] Pump System, which can be operated manually or with batteries to engorge your man’s penis to its maximum capacity, hardness and size.

So, how did it go? Did you and Patrick watch the whole video?

Patrick wasn’t at home when the box was delivered, so I watched the whole tape immediately, even the bonus feature. I thought it was very well done, and that Patrick would like it, but I worried about how he’d respond to the bonus section, since it covered techniques for massaging and stimulating a man’s prostate.

How did Patrick respond?

When we were in bed, and ready to watch the video together, I told him to please have an open mind as he watched, especially during the bonus section.

Patrick liked the fact that the video featured real couples that apparently love each other, so it aroused both of us. But he was furious about the bonus feature. I learned a lot about Patrick from his reaction. ‘You know I hate that,’ he told me, referring to the idea of anal stimulation. ‘I can’t believe you made me watch that.’

I’ve always wanted to try anal stimulation because I heard it’s an amazing feeling for a man. When Patrick recently had his first prostate exam, I thought he’d flip out from that. He’s macho, obsessive compulsive and orderly.

Did he get over his anger?
Everything is good now. At first I thought it was all going to backfire, but a few weeks later Patrick said he was willing to try it [anal stimulation], willing to experiment. I’m going to be patient, though.

What did the tape teach you?
It taught us a lot of different things to do to each other, things we never heard of. We’ve incorporated a number of them into our lovemaking.

Can you be more specific?

I learned some oral sex techniques that I never did before. Patrick has always enjoyed oral sex and now he’s also doing different things to make me happier, that he obviously learned from the video.


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