I was a pitifully late bloomer. Tasted my first raw oyster in my 40s and used my first vibrator at 60! If you haven’t done either, you have no idea what you’re missing.

Oysters can be pretty costly, at $2.50 or more apiece, especially because they slide down the throat in seconds and the pleasure of their ocean fresh, briny taste is gone in a flash. (I’m also not so sure they’re quite the aphrodisiacs they’re professed to be.)

Vibrators! They’re a whole other story. Costing about the same as a dozen oysters, the vibrator will give you joy (bliss, elation, ecstasy) for years. It won’t substitute for a partner (although it sure can in a pinch), but it does bring out the joyful aspect of sexual play. Lots of couples in healthy, long-term relationships use vibrators to give variety to their sexual liaisons.

The Body Blossom, a new vibrator from our friends at Sinclair Institute, is a little wonder toy. Stimulates two important areas simultaneously, has five power levels and works in or out of the shower or bath. It’ll help you get where you want to go faster, and help your partner, too.

I recommend you introduce it into your life now. And, with Sinclair’s exclusive 20 percent discount for FOFs, it’ll give you great pleasure with not a bit of guilt. –Geri Brin

P.S. When you check out to buy The Body Blossom, enter code GOODVIBES (valid until Memorial Day).

Let us know– Have YOU ever used a vibrator?

  • PJ

    Interesting looking.

  • Renee D.

    This looks like a fun toy. Not only could I have fun with this but my husband would love to join in the fun.

  • Ellen

    Not yet !

  • Gayla

    I would love to try out this new toy. Any help is appreciated to keep the mojo flowing.

  • belindabg

    Hitachi Magic Wand, the real Rolls Royce of Vibrators – and it plugs into the wall, so you never lose power at an inopportune moment! Best of the best and they last for years…

  • Leslie Bonner

    Yes, yes, yes. It never intimidated his manhood that a vibrator worked for me and became part of our shared sexual experience.

  • Paula Pile

    I am impressed with this toy and enjoy the website.

    • Geri

      What a lovely compliment, Paula. Thank you!

  • Fran

    Yes I have, and I would try anything to boost my libido. The meds I take have contributed and I miss having good sex and my husband would be thrilled if I got my mojo back.

  • Beverly Maye

    Boost your Libido. The reason is that at forty four I am in pre menopause. Always have had a extra active sex life and never thinks it is ok to tell your husband No because he wants sex. It will only take a couple of minutes to give him what he wants. Even though I also understands that daily sex, or multiple sex a day will still not keep MOST men from cheating. Not liking my new me. Need Help.

  • Geri

    Come on FOFriends. Don’t be shy about answering the question!