{SEXpertise} Hotter FOF Sex!

PUBLISHED BY: Yvonne K. Fulbright, Ph.D., M.S.Ed.

Study after study on FOF sex shows that you need to use it or lose it. So how you can become that “dirty old man or woman,” and perhaps realize some of the most fulfilling sex of your life?

Better known as the Baby Boomers, today’s FOFs are much more sexually active than they’re given credit for. They are, after all, the same liberated youth that ignited the infamous 1960s sexual revolution. And now their “make love, not war” mission involves taking advantage of their ‘empty nest’. With their children now out of the house, their sexual interest is once again peaked.

Bodily changes further act as a good excuse for acquiring new tricks and engaging in sexual experimentation, inviting some of the hottest sexual moments lovers have experienced in years!…

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    G Spot Pleasures
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