13 Ways To Handle A Cheating Partner

Forgive him? Send him packing? Send him to the hospital? Or keep him close and make his life a living hell! Philosophical to practical, vindictive to vindicating, we ladies sure know our own minds when it comes to the men in our lives.

“Prior to caller ID I would call #’s I found and tell them that I was calling from the health department to let them know their name was given as a sexual contact and they would need to be tested.”
Cyndie Toth-Steiniger

“Took all his dirty clothes, put them in a trash bag and dropped them on her porch, where he had spent the night, with a note, ‘If you are going to xxxx him, you can do his laundry.’ By the way, this was an ex…..not my late husband.”
Dian Holland

“Probably 5-10 lol…”
Kelley Carnachan

“I divorced mine-no second chance either, never been happier.”
Rebecca Ann Lamb

“Forgive him and get counseling.”
Lena Petersen

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  1. Lyndsey R. says:

    This was so funny. Loved reading this. I’m sadly going through this right now. It is SO hard.


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