13 Ways To Handle A Cheating Partner

“Cheer him on!! Less work for me!”
Shari Moss

“Take him to the cleaners.”
Wanda Mullen

“I forgave but I cannot forget.”
Cindy Davidson

“Laugh! His loss not mine…”
Guage Trudi

“He would be in ICU along with the foolish trumpet that thought cheating with a married man was a good thing.”
Debbie Kelly

“It depends. There are many types of cheaters. There is the “serial cheater,” there is the “oops” one and there is “sex addiction,” which is more of a mental health issue. For the addict, if he gets the proper help, gets into rehab, therapy and is serious about his recovery, then I would not leave him because sex addiction is the same thing as all other addictions. If treated successfully and with a lot of love and patience, couples can survive the transgressions. For the “oops” it depends on the situation. Would I want to destroy a family, hurt the children and face financial insecurities on both parties for one time thing, I think not. Nobody can say that they are completely sure and safe from an ”accident” happening. As for the “serial cheater,” he can kiss my a.. Goodbye!”
Sophie Crête

“Give him one more chance.
Linda Boye

“I don’t have to worry about that but I told my husband if he ever did that we wouldn’t divorce. I would live on one end of the house and he on the other and I would make his life a living hell ‘til the day he died.”
Melissa Scott

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  1. Lyndsey R. says:

    This was so funny. Loved reading this. I’m sadly going through this right now. It is SO hard.


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