13 Sweet Treats We Miss

1. Turkish Taffy
The vanilla tasted like a cloud, especially in the movie theatre.

2. Candy Buttons
They were pretty awful, but we loved picking them off the paper.

3. Flavor Straws
Chocolate won, hands down!

4. Dubble Bubble
We could barely talk when we shoved these in our mouth.

5. Pez
If only we knew they’d become collectibles…

6. Chuckles
Hated the liquorice, loved the grape.

7. Red Hots
We can still remember how they stung our lips.

8. Black Jack Gum
We actually don’t miss this one, but some of our friends do.

9. Sugar Babies
We couldn’t wait to get to the caramel.

10. Chocolate Necco Wafers
Like chocolate-coated cardboard.

11. Candy Cigarettes
Weren’t we sophisticated?

12. Nik-L-Nips
When we bit off the tops, we got to find out what wax tasted like.

13. Bosco

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  1. Ginny in TX says:

    Lots of memories. Most can be found in Cracker Barrel. My grandson looks forward to picking the old fashion candy

  2. Mary in MN says:

    Hi Geri,
    Yes, I remember all of these plus some. In Maine we had Needham’s, a coconut candy bar that I did not like but miss having around LOL Loved Candy Cigarettes – and liquorice pipes, keep wanting to hand them out at Halloween, but fear the ravening hoards with no sense of humor. I liked Teabury gum and Chicklets, and I remember the candy dots and the even worse candy necklace and I think they had a bracelet too. Most of all I miss penny candy that was actually a penny. We had a small store near the grocery store that sold penny candy and popsicles by the onesie, that you split with a sibling or friend.

    Out here in the Midwest, I cannot get Skybars 🙁 I sooo miss them, can’t get good chocolate cake donuts either – these guys just don’t know what they are missing.

    Oh well, as I tell my hubby, times will change, no stopping it.

  3. jill says:

    Some of these are still available, check out Vermont’s Old Country Store. What I cannot find is a candy they sold in the movie theatres when I was a teenager Night & Day’s it was a licorice mix like al sorts but much better & more variety. I still love the taste of licorice. Bonomo’s Turkish Taffy, we use to put in fridge or freezer & then take it out and whack it so it would brake up in tiny pieces.

    • Geri Brin says:

      hi jill,

      i forgot the refrigerator trick. i really did love the taste of the vanilla against the roof of my mouth. It’s a wonder I have any teeth.



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