17 Of Our Favorite Guilty Food Pleasures

Even the strongest woman has food cravings that she just can’t shake. Whether it’s sweets, or even pizza, every woman has a food (or foods) that she may consider a guilty pleasure.

Here are a few foods that look and taste too good to resist!

“I love donuts and will occasionally indulge. I figure that I’m already halfway through life anyway, I may as well enjoy what I have left.”
Laura Belle


Why We Love Different Seasons

Like a woman, each season has its unique allure. You told us which is your favorite, accompanied by some lovely descriptions explaining why.

“Definitely summer, I feel more comfortable in heat than cold, I love the ocean!” Elaine Karsten

ocean (more…)

If You Could Change One Thing About Yourself, What Would It Be?

When we asked on our Facebook page, “If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?” we got some pretty diverse answers. We love, and appreciate, everyone’s honesty. We think it’s interesting, and often great fun, to learn what’s going on in the fascinating minds of women 45+. Here are 10 of our favorite responses.

“I would change some of the things I have done in my past and try to understand how to be a good mom. You can teach them the best way you know how, but it doesn’t go that way.” Patricia A Amsden


Live for today and not worry so much about yesterday.” Tammy Chanprasert


“My financial decisions.” Joyce West


“Not a thing. I have a husband I would not want to live without, a beautiful daughter who has completed my life and has given us a gorgeous baby boy, and three more grandchildren from my husband’s family who of course are just as much mine, and all my brothers and sisters. I have everything. ” Julie Swallow


“Much as I hate to say it, I’m chiming in with “weight”. Would it make everything perfect? No. But I believe it would make me feel physically better.” Paulette Greyn


“To stop feeling like I always have to fix things….I can’t turn it off.” Helena Shanks


“Have the mobility I had in my 40s.” Linda Orwick Reed


“ Learn to forgive easier.” Barker Simcox Millie


“I would’ve done a better job as a mother. I obsess constantly on how I thought I was doing right by my daughters, yet they made all the wrong decisions.  Now I’m raising 4 grandkids and I pray I do right by them. I’m doing the best I can with what I have.” Darlene Chavez Gonzalez


“Nothing, as life is so short. Enjoy and be happy.” Ashley Meade


Thanksgiving 1965 v. 2015

If you were born in 1964, which makes you one of the last baby boomers, you most likely don’t remember Thanksgiving Day, November 25, 1965.

But we thought it would be fun to take a trip down memory lane to that day, half a century ago, when life was simpler. Or, was it?


1965 | If you were hip (and wealthy) 50 year ago, you might have served Thanksgiving dinner in a dress from YSL’s Mondrian collection

2015 | It’s called color block today, but it’s got 1965 written all over it. Designed by Duro Olowu


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How To Avoid 8 Embarrassing Situations

This post is brought to you by Wearever Incontinence Panties.

1. Forgetting someone’s name
at a party

Quickly say “hi” and introduce your companions to her, hoping she introduces herself
back to them (and you).


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15 Things To Absolutely Avoid From Halloween to New Year’s 2015

1. Cooking a holiday meal, by
yourself, for 25 guests

Cut down the number of guests or get some help!


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The 11 Types of FOFs: Which One Are You?

We’d like to think we’re multi-dimensional and multi-talented multitaskers, but one of our many attributes usually stands out, way above the rest. It’s the one that often defines us, even if we’d prefer not to be pigeonholed. When others think about you, what image do you suppose they conjure up?

1. The Domestic Goddess

You get a rush from the scent of Pine Sol and a 425 degree oven.


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9 Foods That Are (Possibly) Better Than Sex

Some things are simply irresistible.

Like sex with a man who takes your breath away when your eyes meet his; an iced-cold drink on a sweltering summer day; and these nine ridiculously caloric foods. We applaud anyone with the discipline to eat nothing but kale and quinoa the rest of her life, but even the wisest doctors in the land say it’s perfectly ok to splurge, as long as it’s once in a while. And we mean ONCE IN A WHILE.

1. Ice Cream

You haven’t lived a full life until you’ve tried Churros con Leche.


12 Defining Signs of Summer (50 Years Ago)

The Hamptons? Nantucket? The South of France? Nah, we stuck closer to home for our summer vacations. And we loved every minute (well, most of them, anyway)!

1. Swimming caps


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